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FW: JOB ANNOUNCEMENT 2 - Programme Communication Technical Assist ance, UNICEF India

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  • Bell, Elizabeth
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      8 May 2002

      Dennis King, Project Officer of the Global Polio Eradication Program at
      UNICEF Headquarters in New York is informing us that UNICEF/India Country
      Office has the following vacancy. All requests for information should be
      sent to Dr. Marzio Babille (mbabille@...).

      Terms of Reference
      Programme Communication Technical Assistance for Polio Eradication
      1. Purpose of the assignment

      The purpose of the assignment is to provide programme communication
      technical assistance to Polio Eradication Initiative and other
      Immunisation-related activities, especially in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, and
      undertake specific tasks related to communication strategy implementation
      and monitoring.

      2. Duty Station
      New Delhi, with extensive domestic travel
      3. Supervisor
      Dr. Marzio Babille, Chief, Health Section

      4. Major Tasks to be accomplished
      Under the supervision of the Chief, Health Section, and in close
      co-ordination with the Project Officer Health and Communication Section:

      a) Provide technical support in the development and implementation of
      intensive social mobilisation activities in 13 districts in Uttar Pradesh.
      This will include the following tasks:
      · Monitor and evaluate implementation of mobilisation and
      communication activities at the district level;
      · Guide and support Sub-Regional Co-ordinators (SRCs) and Social
      Mobilisation Co-ordinators (SMCs) in developing and implementing
      district-wide plans for polio eradication and strengthened routine
      · Develop and implement various management tools to enhance efficient
      and effective implementation of UNICEF-supported activities;
      · Participate in quarterly performance evaluation of SRCs and SMCs;
      · Participate in the selection and recruitment of SRCs, SMCs and
      block mobilises (BMCs) as necessary;
      · Prepare regular progress reports on field-level activities.

      b) Co-ordinate and liase with various partners, including GOI,
      WHO-SEARO, NPSP, NGOs and UNICEF Lucknow, on social mobilisation and IEC
      activities. This will include the following tasks:
      · Co-ordinate and chair regular meetings of the 'mini' social
      mobilisation (socmob) working group;
      · Provide technical inputs during regular meetings of the 'ops'
      working group;
      · Participate in quarterly meetings of the National Social
      Mobilisation Working group;
      · Provide technical inputs in the development of the National
      Communication Strategy for Polio Eradication and Routine Immunisation;
      · Prepare briefing materials (written and PowerPoint) for ICO use in
      liasing with international and national monitors/visitors.

      c) Provide technical inputs in the development of mass media materials
      for the National Polio/EPI Communication Strategy. This will include the
      following tasks:
      · Review KAP findings of process and coverage evaluation;
      · Assist in preparation of Request for Proposals from advertising
      · Provide technical support in evaluation RFP bids, selection
      process, creative development, pre-testing and media planning;
      · Ensure monitoring and evaluation mechanisms are development for
      mass media tools.

      d) Provide general technical guidance to Representative's Office and
      Health Programme on communication for behaviour change and related
      policy/programme issues:

      v Develop indicators and maintain a system for regular monitoring of
      technical implementation of Polio/EPI communication strategies/activities;
      v Prepare inputs for donor reports/proposals on Polio/EPI programme
      communication components;
      v Review and provide inputs for finalisation of documents/tools
      jointly produced by immunisation communication partners;
      v Respond to immunisation communication-related queries from state
      offices and distribute relevant materials;

      5. End products: (e.g. final report, article, document, etc.)

      § Periodic updates on national and state offices activities in
      programme communication/social mobilisation for Polio
      § Support provided to requesting districts and state offices;
      § Updated contact list of social mobilises & Polio partners;
      § List of inputs provided to the Task Force meetings, and follow-up
      § Reports of field trips and participation in IPPI/Immunisation
      § Briefing documents and PowerPoint presentations, as needed;

      6. Qualification or specialised knowledge/experience required:

      Graduate or post-graduate training in communication, behavioural sciences
      or public health/health education or communication. Familiarity with the
      theoretical basis and the practical applications of behaviour development
      communication to strategic planning. Extensive field experience in
      communication-related areas required. Previous experience in working within
      UN agencies and in international settings. Previous work experience in the
      use of strategic communication for Immunisation-related
      programmes/projects. Fluency in English a must. Good written and verbal
      communication skills. Knowledge of a variety of computer software (Word,
      WordPerfect, Excel, Power Point), and familiarity with Internet use and
      research. Understanding of UN agencies ways of operating at country and
      global level. Negotiation and facilitation skills, as well as ability to
      work collaboratively with diverse partners. Capacity and willingness to
      work under pressure.

      7. Contact:

      Name Title
      Marzio Babille, MD Chief, Health
      India Country

      tel: 91-11-469-0401 ext. 1205
      fax: 91-11-462-7521

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