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FW: update and pictures from Ramallah

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  • Bell, Elizabeth
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    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2002
      >Subject: FW: update and pictures from Ramallah
      >Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2002 10:30:09 -0400
      >More disturbing pics/accounts from Ramallah taken over the weekend...please
      >distribute to the media, etc.
      >Dear Friends and family,
      >This is large message - sorry about that. Although the bombardment on
      >Ramallah has subsided to other parts of the West Bank, the situation here
      >remains quite tense and volatile. The main water source was restored to
      >city; however, some families are still living without any electricity or
      >water because of major damages to the infrastructure in their areas. Today
      >is the 8th day of curfew in Ramallah. We were permitted out for 3 hours
      >today. The tanks are very much remaining in the city and whoever is inside
      >them watch us carefully as we do our shopping. The shelves on the stores
      >are nearly bare and people are grabbing anything they can get their hands
      >on. People who remember 1967 (I was only 2) confirm that this is a much
      >worse situation. Humanitarian conditions are unprecedented and disastrous.
      >The health care system is the most worrying. Morals remain high despite
      >people's pessimism of what the future holds.
      >Seeing the massive destruction in the city today is a very sad account of
      >the intent and ability of the Israeli occupation forces to indiscriminately
      >and deliberately destroy our infrastructure, institutions and homes.
      >Although the buildings' exterior seems intact, it is only when you enter
      >them that you see the horrific and devastating images of absolute
      >destruction. The photos were taken today and are mainly of the Natsheh
      >building and the Ramallah Municipality. Although not photographed, I saw
      >similar images of destruction in some of the homes that were entered by the
      >occupation forces.
      >Thank you all for distributing the photos as widely as you can. If your
      >viewer can make them smaller, they become much clearer - try that.
      >Family and kids are generally coping well.
      >All the best from Ramallah,
      >Joyc e

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