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Re: [ujeni] Greetings from Colorado

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  • Nordin
    Welcome to the group Jim, it will be a pleasure having you with us! The only thing I would add to your insightful assessment of the diet is that we are also
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      Welcome to the group Jim, it will be a pleasure having you with us! 
      The only thing I would add to your insightful assessment of the diet is that we are also aiming at less high carbohydrate grains/roots in general, as maize is currently taking up 60-75 percent of calories in the diet.  Nutritionally we'd like to see that figure come down to about 40% of calories from a variety of different starchy grains/roots, then the rest of the 60% divided up between fruits, legumes (both of which will also add carbohydrates), vegetables, oil seeds, and animal foods. 
      Americans would do well to adjust their diets to something similar as the current diet there is high in processed starches, sugars, salt, fats, and animal products.
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      Subject: [ujeni] Greetings from Colorado

          I'm a new member of this site and the father of a new Malawi PCV,
      Jeremy Gregory. He is currently in Dedza in training (according to
          I discovered this site in just the last week. What I've found
      interesting is that what I've garnered on the international news
      media web sites versus what I've read on this site RE: information on
      starvation, maize, AIDs; is contradictory at best.
          There is also a legitimate concern about the politicization of
      the Peace Corps. The current administration is playing a game of copy-
      cat (RE: Chris Matthews' comparison of Bush to Kennedy). Believe me,
      as one of the original PCVs, there is no comparison. Matthews is
      completely off base.
          However, back to current matters. I get the impression that
      Malawians need more variety in their collective diets -- they need to
      get away from a diet based on maize (A.K.A. corn) and start to
      consume other high carbohydrate grain products. Whether this be rice,
      barley, wheat, potatoes, yams, etc.; the diet needs to be varied and
      with crops that can withstand various droughts and floods.
          This happens to be my field of expertise. I worked with the
      farmers of Colombia, S.A. as a PCV to diversify their crop
      production. Depending on the altitude, climate, growing season, etc.,
      we grew potatoes, cabbages, yams, yucca, rice, corn, wheat, barley,
          Also, it sounds as though Malawian topography is similar to that
      of Colorado; at least in the central and north and west. I've
      produced most cereal crops as well as legumes and oil-seed crops
      (safflower, soy). I'd be more than willing to provide any help I
      could offer volunteers who are trying to diversify their crop
      production. I look forward to communicating with you.
      Jim Gregory

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