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  • Bell, Elizabeth
    and your matola hand no longer twitchs reflexively when you see a white sports utility vehicle in the distance. Unfortunately you will always automatically
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29 7:21 AM
      and your matola hand no longer twitchs reflexively when you see a white
      sports utility vehicle in the distance.

      Unfortunately you will always automatically respond to "Mzungu" as if your
      given name. There is no cure.

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      > Subject: FW: [ujeni] (no subject)
      > for all you rpcvs and those who have been out there long enough to
      > relate....
      > and a few of mine own.
      > -----------------------
      > not many people can appreciate this . . .
      > >22 Ways RPCVs Know That They Have Readjusted:
      > >
      > >-You've stopped carrying toilet paper with you wherever you go
      > >-You no longer eat all of the hors d'oeuvres at dinner parties
      > >-Some of your clothes don't have that genuine stone-washed look
      > >-People no longer avoid the dishes you bring to potluck dinners
      > >-You have a friend who was never in Peace Corps
      > >-You occasionally stay in a hotel in a strange city
      > >-You dream in English
      > >-You use tissues to blow your nose
      > >-You think twice before taking a 15-hour bus/taxi ride
      > >-You're not afraid of swallowing water in the shower
      > >-You stop boasting that you got a dial tone immediately
      > >-You travel with baggage instead of cardboard boxes or plastic bags
      > >-You use a watch as you are no longer able to tell the time by the sun
      > >-Your meals no longer consist solely of vegetables
      > >-You start to eat rice again
      > >-You use the phone instead of sending a telegram
      > >-You no longer stand in stores amazed at the quantity and quality of
      > >goods and you stop trying to pay with exact change
      > >-Parasites (both yours and theirs) cease to be a topic of conversation
      > >during meals
      > >-You motion someone towards you with fingers up instead of fingers down
      > >-You stop expecting a Customs inspector to check your baggage after a
      > domestic flight
      > >-You stop proposing that Charmin be nominated the 8th wonder of the
      > world
      > [Bell, Elizabeth] - you throw out your plastic grocery bags.
      > [Bell, Elizabeth] - your underwear has holes only in the correct places.
      > [Bell, Elizabeth] - when you hear rustling in the trees you expect to see
      > squirrels, not monkeys.
      > [Bell, Elizabeth] - you have more than three changes of clothes.
      > [Bell, Elizabeth] - if a fly lands in your drink you actually throw out
      > the whole glass.
      > [Bell, Elizabeth] - when turning a corner while driving you know exactly
      > which side of the road you're supposed to be on.
      > [Bell, Elizabeth] - your birkenstocks are no longer considered your
      > "dress" shoes.
      > [Bell, Elizabeth] - when something breaks in your house you call a
      > repairman instead of breaking out the ducktape, crazy glue and swiss army
      > knife.
      > [Bell, Elizabeth] - rain is now a verb rather than a plural noun.
      > [Bell, Elizabeth] - your tevas lines have finally faded
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