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  • Paul DEVER
    DARWIN AWARDS: Chlorinating the Gene Pool – 5 February 2002 Darwin Award: STUDENT COMPACTOR October 2001, Tennessee | Eight freshman college students were
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      DARWIN AWARDS: Chlorinating the Gene Pool � 5 February 2002

      Darwin Award: STUDENT COMPACTOR

      October 2001, Tennessee | Eight freshman college students were hanging
      around a vacant library late one night, when they decided it would be
      a thrill to leap into a small opening they thought was a laundry chute.

      Perhaps a few more years of college would have helped them realize that
      libraries don�t often have laundry chutes. It was actually a garbage
      chute feeding directly into an automatic trash compactor. 19-year-old
      Wesley was the first to jump, and he enjoyed an exhilarating three-story
      slide before being crushed to death in the rubbish bin below.

      The other students decided not to follow.

      Darwin Award: RISKY REENACTMENT

      October 1993, Illinois | A police officer was trying to show another
      patrolman how their fellow officer accidentally killed himself, by
      reenacting the shooting incident a week later. But the 20-year veteran
      forgot to unload his .357 Magnum and wound up shooting himself in the
      stomach. He died in a car crash while driving himself to the hospital.

      Honorable Mention: CHARCOAL GRILLED

      October 2001, Florida | A dozen Burger King marketing department
      employees found out first-hand why meat cooks... when they burned
      their feet on hot coals during a fire-walking ritual. It�s the heat!

      One woman was hospitalized and the others were treated by a doctor
      summoned to the scene. The company-sponsored event was intended to
      promote teamwork. Next time you complain about your company�s inane
      team-building exercises, remember this story and count yourself lucky.

      Personal Account: REGULAR & EXTRA CRISPY

      "I own a family entertainment center with arcade and video games.
      We occasionally replace out-of-date games, and dismantle the old
      ones into pieces small enough to toss in the dumpster out back.

      "One day I gave our two intrepid game room employees, nicknamed
      Podunk and Donut after their radio call signs, the task of destroying
      two outmoded games. The first game was sent to Atari heaven with
      no fuss, thanks to a 5-pound sledgehammer. The second game was more
      obstinate. The boys broke the handle of the sledgehammer against it.

      "So Podunk and Donut decided to heave heavy cinderblocks at it.
      But that only succeeded if you consider broken cinderblocks a success.
      They tried ramming the game with a car, which did little but damage
      the vehicle�s front end. Brute force was getting them nowhere fast.

      "In the interest of safety, speed, efficiency, and a minimum of
      wear and tear on their tools, they decided to burn the game down.

      "Podunk filled the interior of the game with fumes from an aerosol can,
      while Donut manned the cigarette lighter. You can guess the rest.
      Both employee�s sustained second degree burns to their arms and faces,
      and the game cabinet is still alive and well.

      "Now the boys have new names: Regular and Extra Crispy."

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      On February 12, Charles Darwin's birthday, 2001 Winners will be Announced!

      Copyright 2002 by Wendy Northcutt www.DarwinAwards.com

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