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  • Abeer Dabbas
    Dear Sir/Madame Join The Rebuilding of Baghdad Library Campaign The National Mobilization Committee for the Defense of Iraq (NMCDI) in Jordan has initiated an
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2002
      Dear Sir/Madame
      Join The Rebuilding of Baghdad Library Campaign
      The National Mobilization Committee for the Defense of Iraq (NMCDI) in Jordan  has initiated an academic book collection Campaign for Iraq. The goal of this campaign, which has been dubbed “the rebuilding of the Baghdad Library”, is to provide Iraqi students, academics and intellectuals with scientific and academic books and references that have been prohibited entry to Iraq for the past ten years. The excuse used is that these items are considered to be “double usage items”. Thus Iraqi’s  have been denied the right to learn which is and internationally recognized and protected right.
      NMCDI, which has initiated this campaign, is a Jordanian popular committee that includes political parties, many civil society institutions, unions, organizations and independent personalities. This committee was established for the sole aim of raising local, regional and international public opinion regarding the need to lift the comprehensive economic sanctions that have been imposed on Iraq for since 1990. The NMCDI believes that the sanctions, which according to he UN have directly resulted in the death of at least 1.5 million Iraqi civilians and have caused a near total breakdown in the economic, social, educational and health sectors are a crimes against humanity.
      The book campaign is an attempt among many serious attempts carried out by the NMCDI to challenge the sanctions that have crippled a nation of 22 million.  We believe that we can succeed in bringing people from all over the world together in unison to stop this atrocity which has denied ordinary Iraqis from the right to live learn and develop.
      Politics aside, we simply believe that it is immoral to deny 22 million Iraqis the gift of knowledge.  Iraq’s historical legacy is that it is the cradle of civilization and it gave humanity the first form of script and the first legal doctrines. In our time, Iraq was able was able to offer free education from kindergarten through university. However, after the destruction of the Iraqi economy as a result of the sanctions and the severe UN restrictions imposed on Iraq , its legacy and achievements have been reduced to  day to day survival.
      The NMCDI has already announced this campaign in Jordan and work has begun in the book collection plan.  However, to achieve our set goals, and to make this ambitious campaign a global effort, the NMCDI will be working with the Mariam Appeal organization based in London and led by British MP George Galloway. Information about the campaign can also be found on the Mariam Appeal Web Site: www.mariamappeal.com
      Our major goal is to collect and forward to Iraq the 8000 academic and scientific references needed by Iraqi universities and academic institutions, in an effort to replenish the their empty libraries.
      Therefore, our committee is contacting as many institutions, organizations and individuals as possible to participate in our campaign.
      With this letter we would like to officially invite you, your organization, your company to participate in this humanitarian campaign and help give back to Iraqis the gift of knowledge.
      If you choose to contribute to our campaign, please send us a return email choosing one or more of the following options for participation:
      ٱ    I agree to purchase one or more of the needed books, periodicals, CD’s and forward to your address.
      ٱ    I wish to contribute money to your campaign to go towards the purchase of one or more books, periodicals, etc.
      ٱ I wish to participate by organizing my mini book campaign in my area to collect academic references to forward to Iraq through your campaign
      Once we receive a return email from you stating your selected contribution, we will contact you immediately with the necessary details.
      If you wish to be taken off our list, please send us an email requesting that your name be omitted
      Please feel free to contact us at any time to answer any questions or respond to any comments you may have.  Our aim to succeed in our goals and we know that together we can make a difference in making our world a better place.
      Contact person:  Mr. Fawaz Zuriekat
      National Mobilization Committee for the Defense of Iraq
      International laison/ Rebuilding Baghdad Library Campaign
      Tel:    962-6-5533166
      Fax:   962-6-5533177
      Email:  fawaz@...
      Email:  iraqbook@...
      Best regards
      Fawaz  Zuriekat
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