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The Rants of Paul

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  • Paul DEVER
    Here is the address to subscribe to my rants, so you don t get them if you don t want them...This will be the last, and the lesser...
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 18, 2001
      Here is the address to subscribe to my rants, so you don't get them if you
      don't want them...This will be the last, and the lesser...


      Unless you subscribe...

      Hmm. Lots going on this week:

      Enron bankruptcy: Interesting how the execs got big bucks ($500 million
      among them) shortly before the declaration. Many people got good Christmas
      bonuses, others will get eviction notices. What legally can we do? Not
      much, since they used the law to do this...What things against the law?
      Well, that is not for me to suggest, but I have lots of ideas...some minor
      harassment, others bordering on legality, so here I will not print them.

      It does gall me that they are able to do this.

      Turns out in the President's "Stimulus Package" there is $300+ million
      tucked in there to help Enron....How is that for gravy. There are other
      pork barrel projects in the bill, so maybe Sen. Dashle is right in impeding

      Stimulus package: Whoa!!!!!!!! There is so much pork in this one that it is
      unbelievable. Airline bailouts, Enron bailouts, and other big companies
      that get a lot, but not for the others.

      I see the DC area will get $245 million for "security"...What does that
      mean? $200 million for security consultants, and about $45 million for
      security? Giving each member in the metro area an extra $1000 to spend at
      Christmas, or buy eight more gifts for Hanukkah?

      This is absurd as Congress telling WMATA (The Metro) to change all the names
      of the signs, maps, posters, etc. so they say "Reagan" national airport,
      rather than national airport. But there is no money for fixing the
      elevators (How many handicapped people have to wait hours for transport
      which is guaranteed?????), and escalators?

      Airport security is in the news again...BWI is rushing people through the
      airport...Somehow I don't like the idea of the airlines being in charge of
      security. Do background checks on all the airport workers, whether at
      Orange Julius, Mickie Dee's, or the baggage handlers....Invasion of Privacy
      you say,...okay, to apply, you yourself have to provide a copy of your
      police record, and fingerprints...and ability to legally work in the US...a
      birth certificate along with passport, or green card will suffice.

      No this is not nasty nationalism against the foreigner....it is logical.
      And I believe that legal immigrants will welcome the idea since they will be
      able to get jobs more easily since the pool will get smaller. If we have to
      pay more for a Big Mac, so beit....Yes, I have actually talked to some legal
      immigrants who are upset about illegals taking jobs, and causing trouble.

      National ID Card? Great idea if it is limited to Birthdate, birthplace, Name
      address, and fingerprint. Not an invasion of privacy. It is an invasion,
      if you are arbitrarily stopped by agents of the government. It does help
      security forces since there are 50 different types of drivers' licenses, and
      three types of passports for the US.

      Bioterrorism attack in the DC Metro area? Let's face it ... we are not
      equipped to handle it. So let's stop worrying. Worry about what you will
      eat for dinner tonight..that you have control over.

      Mr. Walker and the Australian: Prisoners of War...no, Congress did not
      declare a war...if they did I was sleeping. If they are POWs, then one of
      them is a possible traitor, and that can be dealt with according to the
      Uniform Code of Military Justice, however, I had a Poli Sci teacher one time
      tell me that Military Justice is to Justice what Military Music is to Music.

      Local Liquor Licenser plea bargains down from possible 21 year sentence to
      no jail time. I love it when officials are able to plea bargain down some
      wrongdoing, when the average Joe would get nailed to the cross. What a
      wonderful justice system we have.

      Mohammed Ali: He is a great man, he was a great man, he is getting old and
      he is ill. It is time to stop dragging him out for every occasion that
      comes up, especially if he has to be helped to do everything. I love the
      man, and I admire his civil disobedience, but his glory is gone, and his
      memory shall live on. This is something Michael "My knees are okay, the ice
      is for a resting place" Jordan did not learn.

      Well, that's i...Have fun and if you want to get more, sign up at:


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