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The Dever Soundoff #1

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  • Paul Dever
    Greetings email friends, foes and colleagues. Since I have a few days off (two per week) until I start my new job at the State Department, and I now have a
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2001
      Greetings email friends, foes and colleagues.

      Since I have a few days off (two per week) until I start my new job at
      the State Department, and I now have a daily subscription to the
      Washington Post, I decided to combine some ideas from various sources:

      a nameless former Corps Member who has her chronicles, a Returned Peace
      Corps Volunteer who is quite opinionated, and me, combined to make the
      best/worst possible combination:

      I guess having lived overseas and seeing waste, fraud, and
      mismanagement of government as well as donated funds, I get peeved.

      But when I come back to the US, and am in the heart of Pork-ville, I
      get really steamed. So you are blessed with the first of several
      editions of me sounding off.

      If you want to opt out, let me know, and I can remove you from the
      list. I will put this in the "ujeni" only one time so people can opt IN
      if they want to hear the rants and raves.

      Mostly I will be responding to what I read in the newspaper. Maybe I am
      old-fashioned, maybe new fashioned, but basically, I am p*ssed off.
      When I see WF&M, and I know there are groups that need funds, and these
      funds could be better used by Peace Corps, AmeriCorps,and other
      entities, I get kind of really upset. This venting is better than
      beating my dog (although Felix might disagree), and helps relieve
      frustration when faced with what seems illogical, unjust, and just
      plain STUPID!!!

      I may seem liberal, conservative or middle of the road...

      Here we go:

      From today's paper:

      US & Afghans debate terms of surrender: WHAT TERMS???: Either surrender
      or fight to the death. Sounds cold, but, hey war is war, and we may not
      have started it, but we sure can end it. Whether the war is just, right
      or in the middle, I sort of agree with Rumsfeld...the object of war and
      weapons is to kill. Don't be surprised if people get hurt.

      Withdrawal from 1972 ABM treaty: in 1972, the missile level was
      different, but if we want to develop a missile defense system, we have
      to "serve notice". Hmmm, not so sure that this system would defend us
      from our current threats. The irony is that the military brass are now
      saying that the new threat is not missles, but small guerilla warfare,
      and terrorists like we see now....Let us take the money from this new
      system, and send the means to deliver clean drinking water to everyone
      in the world. Clean water=healthy children/people=people able to go to
      school=educated people=working people=people with money=new markets for
      trade...Oversimplified, but hey, it is close to the mark.

      Senator Landrieu (D-LA) sneaks in $2.25 million for study on how to
      clean up the Anacostia River. Not to clean it but to study how to clean
      it. And the recipient is her alma mater. Not good. How are they
      equipped to fix it? Why not a local company? We need to see how this
      will be sent....WOW What AmeriCorps/Peace Corps could do with this
      money...just clean up the river, and dump it in the ocean...

      USDA loses authority to shut down salmonella-ridden meat processing
      plants: Overall seems serious, but since salmonella comes INTO the
      plant, maybe they are not responsible, but remember why/how the USDA
      was founded...Upton "Aimed for the heart, but hit 'em in the stomach"
      Sinclair "The Jungle"..He wrote a nice book about the merits of
      socialism, but people were appalled by the conditions he described in
      meat-packing plants...They are losing their authority....not good.

      Surrender Deadline for Al Qaeda passes: Uh the whole idea of deadlines
      are that if you pass it, you accept the consequences...Duh!!!!!

      Airport security workers: in Utah, they are being arrested in droves.
      They are in charge of security, baggage handling, and airplane
      maintenance. Many are illegal aliens, convicted criminals and a few
      felons. Am I the only one that sees that this is the crux of the
      controlled access to airplanes, not a cosmetic questioning at the
      airport by armed National Guardsmen/women??? Hold the employer
      responsible. I do not think proof of work permit is unconstitutional,
      or an invasion of privacy. Yes, I know that many applications now say,
      are you allowed to work in the US, but they do not ask for proof.
      Everyone has a birth certificate or a work certificate, so show it at
      the interview.

      Local/Metro DC: Of interest to a few, but some to all:

      Impaired drivers tied to two metrorail crashes: Two impaired drivers
      caused two wrecks that cost much money to settle. I am sorry: As some
      Supreme Court Associate Justice said: Your rights end at the tip of my
      nose... If you are under the influence, it is no longer an invasion of
      your privacy to divulge that if you put others in danger...or if you
      are tested...Random test everyone...That is random, it is not specific
      and targeted at someone. Certain jobs should mandate random drug tests:
      public transport driver (air/ground/sea), and things where your actins
      are likely to cause issues if you do not pay attention: Air Traffic
      Controller, Public Safety, etc.

      Postal Services Bonuses v. Deficit: Why get bonuses if you are running
      a business at a loss. I understand fully the concept of an incentive
      bonus HEY: we only lost $300 million this year, so you get a $500,000

      Prince George Police Work Slow-down: Some police are up in arms about a
      former colleague given the maximum sentence (10 years) for using a
      police dog on a couple of homeless people she claimed were fleeing.
      Now, I was not there, so I do not know what exactly happened, and I
      will never second guess safety workers, but if it is true, the cop
      deserves it, and the officers should not hide everyone behind a blue
      curtain. It is bad for the good officers, and also worse for the bad
      cops...Pick your battles, and let all the other police know that they
      will be protected if they do no wrong, but if they are wrong, they will
      not be protected.

      DC Fire Chief and Questionable activities: Allegedly his force "failed
      to return" fire safety equipment they "might have inadvertantly
      collected" after their collective rescue efforts. They have serial
      numbers. Do a search right away, give back what does not belong to you,
      and if you have nothing, then expect an apology. He also told the Fire
      Oversight Board that he would not hire old colleagues if he were hired,
      but he filled four positions recently, and three were for his former
      colleagues...they may or may not be qualified, but if they are not, get
      rid of them. He also alledgedly awarded a no-bid contract to a
      friend..and after the award was made, he revealed that he had been a
      consultant to the winning company...

      Well, that is it for the first Chronicles. You may have stopped reading
      by this point, but if you do NOT want to keep getting them, please let
      me know.


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