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FW: Info Officer Needed Kosovo Area

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  • Bell, Elizabeth
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 1999
      > -----Original Message-----
      > From: A. Kirk Dohne [SMTP:kdohne@...]
      > Sent: Tuesday, April 06, 1999 6:00 PM
      > Subject: Info Officer Needed Kosovo Area
      > POSITION OPEN: Information Officer for Kosovo DART
      > You are receiving this email because you have, in the past, shown an
      > interest in working for the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (a part
      > of the U.S. Agency for International Development). Position announcements
      > (about 10-12 per year) will be sent to you as they become available so
      > that
      > you may determine your level of interest in, and suitability for, the
      > position.
      > If you are interested in the position described below and consider
      > yourself
      > suitable to the tasks and qualifications of the position please contact XL
      > Associates by replying to this email.
      > Referrals of other qualified candidates are welcome and encouraged.
      > NOTE: If you do not want to receive position announcements in the future
      > please reply to this email with the phrase "Unsubscribe".
      > ------------------
      > Information Officer Position Description
      > Collects, analyzes, documents, and distributes information on OFDA
      > activities. Prepares all situation reports, and assists with the
      > preparation of cables,
      > briefing papers, operational plan, maps, and final disaster report. Tracks
      > resources. Coordinates information gathering and reporting activities with
      > PVO's/NGO's/IO's, other donor countries, and affected country.
      > This is planned to be a short contract of 4-6 months and is needed
      > immediately.
      > Short 4-5 sentence capability statement (experience with activites
      > discussed above) AND resume/OF612. Please do not reply if you lack the
      > requisite skills to perform these tasks under pressure with little
      > assistance.
      > ___________________
      > Kirk Dohne
      > XL Associates, Inc.
      > 301-770-0090
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