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RE: [ujeni] Fwd: BARPCV Advocacy - Vaughn Writes the President

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  • holland@panasas.com
    Thanks Varsha! On the same topic, the text of Vaughn s address is available at www.peacecorpsonline.com . It s excellent,
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      Thanks Varsha!  On the same topic, the text of Vaughn's address is available at www.peacecorpsonline.com.  It's excellent, IMHO.  It's the bit about "Vaughn's statement to Dodd" 1/2 way down the page.
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      For all those interested in the anti-Gaddi Vasquez effort--sent by the Boston RPCV group--


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      Subject: BARPCV Advocacy - Vaughn Writes the President
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      Date: 12/5/01 3:55 PM
      RE: Vaughn Writes the President
      As you know, Jack Hood Vaughn, the second director of the Peace Corps,
      and former Ambassador to Panama and Colombia, testified on behalf of the
      Community for the Future of the Peace Corps in opposition to the
      appointment of Gaddi Vasquez at the November 14, Senate Foreign
      Relations Committee.
      Ambassador Vaughn not only made our case to the Senate, but he has now
      taken it to the President of the United States. In the body of this
      eamil please find Jack Hood Vaughn's Letter to the President opposing
      Gaddi Vasquez for the position of Peace Corps Director. It is reprinted
      here with the permission of the Ambassador. Please share this with your
      network of friends and continue to call, fax, and email your senators
      and the President.
      Thank you,
      John Coyne for the Committee for the Future of the Peace Corps
      December 5, 2001
      George W. Bush
      President of the United States
      The White House
      Washington, D.C 20500
      Dear Mr. President:
      My life and career have been dedicated to the service of my country, as
      a Marine in World War II, U.S. Ambassador to Panama and Colombia,
      Assistant Secretary of State for Latin American Affairs, Coordinator of
      the Alliance for Progress and, most importantly, Director of the Peace
      Corps. As the first Republican director, it shocks me that a man of
      your obvious integrity and conviction would have been so ill-advised as
      to nominate Gaddi Vasquez for that challenging position; he is so
      obviously a man of limited talent and experience. After examining his
      record and listening to his testimony before the Senate Foreign
      Relations Committee, the most generous description one could provide is
      that he has achieved the status of political hack.
      As difficult as times often were for the Peace Corps during Vietnam and
      the Cold War, the present terrorist climate calls for an extraordinarily
      seasoned and talented Peace Corps leader. Mr. Vasquez is clearly not
      that person. On behalf of many former Peace Corps directors, staff and
      Volunteers, I urge you to reconsider this unfortunate decision.
      Yours truly,
      Jack H. Vaughn

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