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Fwd: Re: "Analysis of Known Anthrax Letters" Advisory

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  • Richa Wilson
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    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 15, 2001
      Sound like anybody you know?

      >From: "Richa Wilson/R4/USDAFS" <rwilson@...>

      >FBI ANSIR E-Mail: National Threat Warning System - Terrorist threat
      >advisory update analysis of three known anthrax letters.
      >The following behavioral analysis has been released to the news media by
      >the FBI in Washington, DC, in an effort to increase public awareness and
      >assistance in the ongoing anthrax investigation. While the analysis is
      >largely a possible prediction, it should not be read to exclude any
      >suspects inconsistent with the analysis.
      >Behavioral assessment--it is highly probable, bordering on certainty, that
      >that three letters, addressed to Tom Brokaw, the New York Post, and Senator
      >Tom Daschle, respectively, were authored by the same person.
      >Based on the selection of anthrax as the weapon of choice by this
      >individual, the offender is assessed as follows:
      >--Likely an adult male.
      >--If employed, is likely to be in a position requiring little contact with
      >the public, or other employees. He may work in a laboratory, and is
      >apparently comfortable working with extremely hazardous material. He
      >probably has a scientific background to some extent, or at least a strong
      >interest in science.
      >--Has likely taken appropriate protective steps to ensure his own safety,
      >which may include the use of an anthrax vaccination or antibiotics.
      >--Has access to a source of anthrax and possesses the knowledge and
      >expertise to refine it.
      >--Possesses or has access to laboratory equipment, i.e., microscope,
      >glassware, centrifuge, etc.
      >--Has exhibited an organized, rational thought process in furtherance of
      >his criminal behavior.
      >--Has a familiarity, direct or indirect, with the Trenton, NJ, metropolitan
      >area. However, this does not necessarily mean he currently lives in the
      >Trenton area. He is comfortable traveling in and around this locale.
      >--Did not select victims randomly. He made an effort to identify the
      >correct address, including zip code, of each victim and used sufficient
      >postage to ensure proper delivery of the letters. The offender
      >deliberately selected NBC news, the New York Post, and the office of
      >Senator Tom Daschle as the targeted victims (and possibly American Media,
      >Inc., located in Florida). These targets are probably very important to the
      >offender. They may have been the focus of previous expressions of
      >contempt, which may have
      >been communicated to others, or observed by others.
      >--Is a non-confrontational person, at least in his public life. He lacks
      >the personal skills necessary to confront others. He chooses to confront
      >his problems "long distance" and not face-to-face. He may hold grudges for
      >a long time, vowing that he will get even with "them" one day. There are
      >probably other, earlier examples of this type of behavior. While these
      >earlier incidents were not actual anthrax mailings, he may have chosen to
      >anonymously harass other individuals or entities that he perceived as
      >having wronged him. He may also have chosen to utilize the mail on those
      >--Prefers being by himself more often than not. If he is involved in a
      >personal relationship it will likely be of a self-serving nature.
      > Following the events of 9/11/01, this person may have become
      >mission-oriented in his desire to undertake these anthrax mailings. He may
      >have become more secretive and exhibited an unusual pattern of activity.
      >Additionally, he may have displayed a passive disinterest in the events
      >which otherwise captivated the nation. He also may have started taking
      >antibiotics unexpectedly.
      > He may have exhibited significant behavioral changes at various
      >critical periods of time throughout the course of the anthrax mailings and
      >related media coverage. These changes may include the following: altered
      >physical appearance, pronounced anxiety, atypical media interest,
      >noticeable mood swings, more withdrawn, unusual level of preoccupation,
      >unusual absenteeism,
      >altered sleeping and/or eating habits.
      > These post offense behaviors would have been most noticeable during
      >critical times, including the mailing of the letters {09/18/01 and
      >10/09/01}, the death of the first anthrax victim, media reports of each
      >anthrax incident, and especially the deaths and illnesses of non-targeted
      > Linguistic assessment--the Brokaw and New York post letters are
      >identical copies. The Daschle letter, however, contains a somewhat
      >different message than the other two letters. The anthrax used in the
      >Daschle letter was much more refined, more potent, and more easily
      >disbursed than the anthrax contained in the other two letters.
      > Previous high-profile investigations conducted by the FBI involving
      >writings were solved with the help of the public in identifying the author
      >by either how he wrote, or what he wrote. We are asking for the public's
      >help here again in the same way.
      > While the text in these letters is limited, there are certain
      >distinctive characteristics evident within the writing style of the author.
      >They may have been used in other letters, greeting cards, or envelopes
      >written by him. Perhaps someone has received a correspondence from this
      >person and will recognize some of these characteristics.
      >For example:
      >--The author uses dashes ("-") in the writing of the date "09-11-01." Many
      >people use the slash ("/") to separate the day/month/year.
      >--In writing the number one, the author chooses to use a formalized, more
      >detailed version. He writes it as "1" instead of the simple vertical line.
      >--The author uses the words "can not" when many people prefer to spell it
      >as one word, "cannot."
      >--The author writes in all upper case block-style letters. However, the
      >first letter of the first word of each sentence is written in slightly
      >larger upper case lettering, as is the first letter of all the proper
      >nouns. This is apparently his way of indicating capitalization in upper
      >case lettering. For whatever reason, he may not be comfortable or
      >practiced in writing in lower case lettering.
      >--The names and address on each envelope is noticeably tilted on a downward
      >slant from left to right. This may be a characteristic evident on other
      >envelopes he has sent.
      >--The envelopes are of the pre-stamped variety, the stamps denoting 34
      >cents, which are normally available directly from the post office. They
      >are not the traditional business size envelopes, but the smaller size
      >measuring approximately 6 1/4" x 3 1/2."
      >The following details regarding the three letters are provided for the
      >reference of recipients:
      >The Brokaw letter--one page, hand printed letter transmittal envelope, also
      >similarly hand printed addressed to NBC TV, Tom Brokaw, no return
      >address, postmarked Trenton, NJ, 9/18/2001 (Tues.)
      >The New York post letter--one page, hand printed letter transmittal
      >envelope, also similarly hand printed addressed to NY Post, no return
      >address postmarked Trenton, NJ, 09/18/2001 (Tues.)
      >The Daschle letter--one page, hand printed letter transmittal envelope,
      >also similarly hand printed addressed to Senator Daschle, 509 Hart Senate
      >Office Building, return address, 4th grade, Greendale School, Franklin
      >Park, NJ, return address zip code 08852, postmarked Trenton, NJ, 10/09/2001
      >This FBI Awareness of National Security Issues and Response (ANSIR)
      >communication is intended for corporate security professionals and others
      >who have requested to receive unclassified national security advisories.
      >Individuals who wish to become direct recipients of FBI ANSIR
      >should provide business card information, i.e. company name, address,
      >phone, fax, etc., to ansir@... for processing, with a brief description
      >of the product and/or service provided by your organization.
      > ** If your organization is located in Washington, DC/Northern
      >you may submit this information directly to me at the address below.
      >Special Agent Gary Harter, Email: gharter@...
      >FBI Washington Field Office/NVRA ANSIR Coordinator
      >7799 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, Va. 22043
      >Phone: 703-762-3024, Fax: (703) 762-3447

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