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Latest on Peace Corps Nomination (fwd)

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  • Eric Bone
    With full respect for those who have registered their disaffection for the current process of opposing the nomination of Vasquez as Peace Corps Director, I
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      With full respect for those who have registered their disaffection for the
      current process of opposing the nomination of Vasquez as Peace Corps
      Director, I pass on the following information about the status of the


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      Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 16:33:06 -0400
      From: John P. Coyne <jpcoyne@...>

      Dear RPCVs, PCVs, PC/W Staff, and Friends and Family of the Peace Corps:

      We have made tremendous progress in the last week, but more must be done to stop the nomination of Gaddi Vasquez and appoint a qualified person as Director of the Peace Corps. We need your help.

      We need your phone calls, emails, and faxes to Congress and the Senate. Tell them you oppose Gaddi Vasquez. Tell them they must appoint a qualified person to lead the Peace Corps. Your Congresswoman or Congressman, and your Senators, need to hear from you. Call the local congressional office first and register your concerns. We know that Congress is "getting our message" over our opposition to Gaddi Vasquez, but more emails, faxes, phone calls are required to gain their full attention. Five Senators (who are on our side) have told us that every member of Congress and every Senator must hear from "their voters." This is particularly important to those of you living in California, Vasquez's home state.

      Read the items below and see the progress we have made this week and what we hope--with your help--we can achieve. Thank you. Please spread this message out on the RPCV network of email addresses.

      Item #1

      The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is looking into the illegality of the departures of Acting Director Chuck Baquet and employment of the special assistant to the director. Their interest was caught based on a memo written by "Concerned Peace Corps Staff, Returned Volunteers, and Friends of the Peace Corps."

      Item #2

      Sarge Shriver (Peace Corps Director 1961-66) has written letters to President Bush, Gaddi Vasquez, and Members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee basically saying that we need someone as Director who has international experience, knowledge, and proven management experience.

      Item # 3

      John Vaughn,( a Republican and Peace Corps Director from 1966-69) is also writing a letter saying that Gaddi is not qualified, and that the Peace Corps, especially now, needs a qualified director.

      Item # 4

      Former Senator and head of the National Service, Harris Wofford, is writing the President a similar letter stating that we need a "person of substance" to run the Peace Corps.

      These three men were key members in the creation of the Peace Corps and its operation during the first 10 years. They all have international experience, have served as Ambassadors, Senator, headed a major government agency and held various government positions during their public service. They have an acute understanding of the kinds of skills it takes to manage a government agency and know that the Peace Corps needs someone of stature to run our agency.

      Item # 5

      We have received word that a major columnist will be writing a column within the next few weeks calling for President Bush to withdraw the nomination of Gaddi Vasquez and calling on members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee not to support the nomination.

      Item # 6

      We want to place a large ad in The New York Times calling for a person of stature to run the agency-signed by us - we are now known as "The Committee for the Future of the Peace Corps"
      The ad would read something like this....

      In a time of terrorism, the Peace Corps needs to have a Director who has demonstrated fiscal management skills, combined with strong and competent leadership on the world stage.

      If you can contribute to this effort please send your contribution of $10, $20, $50, $100, $200,$500, $1,000+ to
      Barbara Ferris
      PO Box 32243
      Washington, DC 20007

      Item # 7

      http://PeaceCorpsOnline.com carries the latest information on what is appearing in the press about the Peace Corps. Go there for information and to sign the petition against the Vasquez nomination.
      Go to http://peacecorpswriters.org for language and a sample letter to use in writing to your Member of Congress and your two Senators. Please email, call, and fax the district office of your representatives in Washington.

      The only way we will have a person of substance appointed as the next Peace Corps Director is by raising our voices and demanding someone of character, experience, and international reputation. If you want to do something for the victims of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, then help protect the one international agency America has that stands for peace in a time of terror. You invested two years of your life working for peace in the world. Don't let your efforts be tossed aside as unimportant. Now is the time to ensure that your Peace Corps has a leader worth following. Thank you for you continued support and hard work.

      The Committee for the Future of the Peace Corps
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