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FW: PHEP-NET: CDC Foundation Fellowship in TB Health Education

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  • Bell, Elizabeth
    ... From: Canfield, John [mailto:QZC6@CDC.GOV] Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2001 8:38 AM To: CDC-HEALTHED@LISTSERV.CDC.GOV Subject: PHEP-NET: CDC Foundation
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      Subject: PHEP-NET: CDC Foundation Fellowship in TB Health Education

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      > From: DeLuca, Nick
      > Sent: Tuesday, October 23, 2001 9:35 AM
      > To: Canfield, John
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      > Subject: FW: CDC Foundation Fellowship in TB Health Education
      > Please find an announcement for the CDC Foundation Fellowship in TB Health
      > Education. Please help us in identifying qualified candidates. Thanks,
      > Nick
      > http://apha.jobcontrolcenter.com/jobdetail.cfm?job=1057557&keywords=
      > The text description of the position is included below, as well as a MS
      > word attachment.
      > Position: CDC Foundation Fellowship in TB Health Education
      > Salary Range: $52,000-$60,000
      > Special Notes: The CDC Foundation Fellowship is a 2-year fellowship.
      > The CDC Foundation
      > The CDC Foundation is not a government agency--nor is it part of the
      > Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The Foundation was
      > established by Congress in 1995 with a unique mission: to improve health
      > and safety by enhancing CDC's impact in ways that otherwise would not have
      > been possible. As an independent, nonprofit enterprise, the CDC Foundation
      > oversees hundreds of important health initiatives--not only in the United
      > States, but around the world. The Foundation funds these projects by
      > forming effective public/private partnerships with CDC and others. Thanks
      > to the special knowledge and efforts of the CDC Foundation, concerned
      > individuals and organizations outside CDC have an opportunity to work with
      > CDC's world-class scientists to make a major impact in public health.
      > Background
      > The Partnership Against Resistant Tuberculosis - a Network for Equity and
      > Resource Strengthening (PARTNERS) program is a collaborative project to
      > strengthen the strategies for treatment of multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB)
      > in Peru. The program has three objectives:
      > 1. To develop an MDR-TB treatment model integrated within the National
      > TB Program infrastructure in Peru.
      > 2. To strengthen the infrastructure of the Peru National TB Control
      > Program and adapt a model to export to other countries.
      > 3. To support global efforts to control TB, especially MDR-TB.
      > The participants in the PARTNERS program include the following
      > institutions: the Peru National TB Program, Socios en Salud (SES),
      > Partners in Health (PIH), the World Health Organization / Pan American
      > Health Organization (WHO/PAHO), CDC, and the Task Force for Child Survival
      > and Development (TFCSD).
      > The CDC Foundation Fellowship in TB Health Education would be based out of
      > the Division of TB Elimination, National Center for HIV, STD, and TB
      > Prevention, CDC.
      > Duties
      > The duties of the CDC Foundation Fellow in TB Health Education include,
      > but are not limited to the following: Serves as a technical expert and
      > focal point for training, education, health communication, and advocacy
      > activities. Provides ongoing planning, coordination, development,
      > implementation, and evaluation of TB training, education, health
      > communication, public awareness, and advocacy activities with other
      > project partners. Develops, implements, and monitors guidelines, program
      > standards, health education and communication materials, workshops, and
      > other activities to increase the effectiveness of national and local TB
      > programs. Assesses the quality and usefulness of current training,
      > education, and communication activities and materials, and updates,
      > oversees, and coordinates revisions of TB training materials and formats
      > for courses. Develops, reviews, and revises training, education, and
      > public awareness materials designed for clinicians, nurses, outreach
      > workers, and other health care workers. Develops and revises patient
      > education and behavior change materials for patients. Develops health
      > promotion materials for the general public. Travels to Peru and other
      > sites for project activities.
      > Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs)
      > KSAs are the specific characteristics that applicants should possess in
      > order to perform the major duties of the position. Applicants should
      > address the specific KSAs on a separate sheet of paper as an attachment to
      > the application. For each KSA below, give examples of how you have gained
      > the knowledge, skill, or ability and the dates of such experience and
      > education.
      > 1. Knowledge of health behavior and educational theories and models.
      > 2. Skill in assessing education/training/health communication needs of
      > various target audiences.
      > 3. Skill in developing, implementing, and evaluating health
      > education/training curricula and materials, as well as health
      > communication programs in a variety of formats.
      > 4. Ability to communicate orally in both English and Spanish.
      > 5. Ability to communicate in writing in both English and Spanish.
      > Requirements to Apply
      > Applicants should submit a curriculum vitae or a resume, as well KSAs, to:
      > CDC Foundation Fellowship in TB Health Education
      > Communications and Education Branch
      > Division of TB Elimination
      > National Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention
      > 1600 Clifton Rd. NE
      > Mailstop E-10
      > Atlanta, GA 30333
      > All applications must be postmarked by November 23rd, 2001.
      > <<CDC-TB-Position.doc>>
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