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Re: [ujeni] Tana, you aren't alone

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  • Tana Beverwyk
    Oh Mon Dieu!!!! Chacha Nyaigotti Chacha was my parents student and has become a dear friend of our family! I can t believe you met him! Small small world.
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 23, 2001

      Oh Mon Dieu!!!!  Chacha Nyaigotti Chacha was my parents' student and has become a dear friend of our family!  I can't believe you met him!  Small small world.  Thanks so much for the news, Leah.  You made my afternoon.  LONG LIVE RPCV'S!  ;-)

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      >Subject: [ujeni] Tana, you aren't alone
      >Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 15:26:28 -0500
      >I loved reading your letter! I have had similar experiences (in fact,
      >when I "ran" the Boston Marathon in May and decided to take Tara and
      >Sam's advice by writing my name across the front of my shirt so people
      >would yell my name, some of my college friends asked, "Why don't you
      >just write MALAWI instead?"). Anyhow, I manage to slip the Malawi thing
      >into many a conversation, and I have to say, this weekend I made a true
      >connection! The director of my African Studies program had a little
      >party, and I was introduced to a famous Kenyan poet name Chacha
      >Nyaigotti Chacha, who was taught by the parents of Mara and Tana!!! I
      >was so excited!! THEN YESTERDAY, as I was searching for references for a
      >paper I am writing, I found an article by a scholar named Andrew
      >Guest(!). Lastly, I was happy to meet RPCV William Cannon at a local New
      >Haven pub recently (he had somehow casually mentioned Malawi in HIS
      >conversation with my friend--so he does it, too--and she yelled, "Leah!
      >This guy knows Chichewa!"). So, Tana, you aren't the only one. You
      >really aren't.
      >Hope everyone is well! I love reading your letters and responses.

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