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FW: Peace Corp Country Director - please forward

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  • Bell, Elizabeth
    The Peace Corps is filling Country Director positions in over a dozen countries. If you know anyone who might fit the criteria below, please forward this to
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      The Peace Corps is filling Country Director positions in over a dozen
      countries. If you know anyone who might fit the criteria below, please
      forward this to them. Peace Corps experience not necessary. French,
      Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and various other languages needed for some of
      the openings, although some need English only. Contact information at the

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      From: Howard Raik [mailto:hraik@...]
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      To: Elizabeth Versten
      Subject: Peace Corps country director search


      The responsibilities of a Country Director (CD) are wide-ranging. The Peace
      Corps Country Director is responsible for management and direction of all
      aspects of the Peace Corps program in his or her assigned country. The
      Country Director is:

      * responsible for supporting approximately 50 to 200 Volunteers as they live
      and work in a developing country, often under conditions of hardship, and
      lend their skills and energy to meet its development needs and promote a
      better understanding between the host country people and Americans;

      * the senior manager of a staff of approximately 10 to 40 employees and the
      senior administrator of an annual budget ranging from $500,000 to

      * the senior Peace Corps representative in the country of assignment;

      * responsible for analysis and implementation of all Peace Corps programming
      and projects; and

      * the personification of Peace Corps' commitment to improving world
      understanding and peace through people-to-people contact.

      Therefore, CD candidates must demonstrate a broad range of leadership
      qualities, management expertise, interpersonal skills and cross-cultural

      The selection criteria listed below will be used in evaluating applicants'
      suitability for the Country Director position.

      1. Leadership qualities

      The Country Directors are responsible for leading the Peace Corps program in
      their assigned countries. Each Country Director should have and share a
      philosophy and a vision for the country program and a plan for achieving the
      vision. That vision must be based on the expressed host country needs.
      Therefore, what are needed are candidates who possess strong leadership
      attributes making them able to establish direction and set the tone for post

      2. Volunteer support (program development, training, logistical support,
      health care, safety and security)

      The Volunteer is the Peace Corps' most important resource. It is important
      that Volunteers have meaningful work, that they have received the training
      necessary to be effective, that the Peace Corps is ensuring that their
      safety and health care needs are being met; and that their allowances and
      housing meet their basic needs. Therefore it is the ultimate responsibility
      of the Country Director to ensure the Volunteers have quality educational
      and/or development projects, access to health care, safety and security,
      logistical support and informal counseling. The Peace Corps grants Country
      Directors significant decision-making authority. They act with minimal
      consultation from headquarters in providing the necessary support to the
      Volunteers. They, then, must routinely exercise independent judgment in
      providing and conducting oversight over these matters within country.

      Prior experience working with volunteers and/or young adults may indicate
      that the candidate has the necessary skills and capability to carry out this
      important set of responsibilities.

      3. Management expertise (Including financial, human resources, and security
      management areas)

      The Peace Corps has adopted organizational systems designed to ensure
      agency-wide effectiveness in planning, budgeting, programming and Volunteer
      training. The CD bears ultimate responsibility for managing these systems.
      At the same time, the Peace Corps grants Country Directors significant
      decision-making authority; they must routinely exercise independent judgment
      and act with minimal consultation from headquarters.

      Ideally, CD candidates should have a background of demonstrated excellence
      in managing increasingly complex organizations or organizational units.
      Specifically, the candidates should have had experience and/or demonstrate a
      capability to be able to perform the following tasks:

      * Program management - For example, the Country Director has project
      approval authority; makes technical analyses and evaluations of the
      implementation of Peace Corps projects, prepares the country strategic and
      management plan in conjunction with others. Also, the Country Director
      assures the preparation and timely submission of country plans or reports
      and programmatic recommendations for regional headquarters.

      * Financial management - The Country Director administers and oversees
      conduct of all Peace Corps financial activities at post, the Peace Corps
      financial activities, including developing the necessary financial controls.
      In addition the CD prepares and submits budget data as requested, reviews
      fiscal expenditures and imprest fund activities.

      * Human resources management - Country Directors direct and supervise the a
      multicultural Peace Corps staff in-country. This means that the Country
      Director should insure that all personnel have an understanding of their
      responsibilities, that they are trained to support Peace Corps Volunteers
      and accomplish program goals, and that there is an effective performance
      appraisal system serving as an effective tool for problem solving and work
      improvement. as well as for recognizing superior performance

      * Management of health, safety and security matters - Among the important
      responsibilities of the Country Director are that of ensuring the personal
      safety and security of Volunteers and supervising the management of the
      medical unit which supports them. This requires: developing, testing, and
      enforcing policies and procedures, ensuring the delivery of training to
      Volunteers and staff; coordination with U. S. embassy and host government as
      appropriate; anticipation, prevention and management of crises to include
      natural disasters, civil unrest and emergency evacuations.

      4. Development experience

      The fundamental mission of the Peace Corps is to send Volunteers to assist
      in the on-going grassroots development efforts of its host countries and to
      promote better understanding between Americans and the peoples of those
      countries. CDs play a key role in fulfilling this mission. They must ensure
      that local efforts are conducted in a manner consistent with agency goals
      and policies, and are responsive to the needs of host country people.

      The Peace Corps recognizes that, while these skills and abilities may be
      gained in different settings, specific experience in international,
      grass-roots development programming is usually the most relevant to agency

      5. Cross-cultural sensitivity and international perspective

      Country Directors must work comfortably in international, cross-cultural
      environments. Candidates need to demonstrate a keen sensitivity to and
      respect for other cultures, traditions and values.

      Experience with other ethnic, racial, or religious groups may reflect
      valuable cross-cultural expertise. In addition, previous overseas
      experience, particularly in a developing country, is highly desirable.

      6. Communication skills

      Country Directors must be able to interact effectively with others, inside
      and outside the office. The Peace Corps expects both verbal and written
      communications to be clear, accurate and articulate.

      Language requirements. In some countries, official business is conducted in
      a language other than English, and the CD must be fluent in the official or
      local language to be effective. For these assignments, language proficiency
      (usually in French or Spanish) is a pre-requisite for consideration.
      Interviews for positions with such requirements will include assessment of
      language fluency.

      7. Country representational capability

      The CD is the highest-ranking Peace Corps official in the country of
      assignment and a member of the American Embassy Country Team. As such, he or
      she interacts with officials of the host government, the Ambassador and
      diplomatic community, staff from other development organizations, and local
      community leaders and officials.

      The CD must present, explain, promote, defend and negotiate the Peace Corps
      positions, while maintaining good relationships with others within and
      outside the agency.

      Howard A. Raik, President
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