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FW: Global Health Council - Assistance Bulletin

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  • Bell, Elizabeth
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      Subject: Global Health Council - Assistance Bulletin

      Please pass along....

      For more information on helping victims of the U.S. attacks, visit

      The United Way of New York and the New York Community Trust have
      established a fund to help the victims of the attacks and their
      The September Eleventh Fund will provide immediate support to
      emergency assistance agencies. Anyone wishing to contribute may send
      donations in care of United Way, 2 Park Ave, New York, New York, 10016
      call: 212-251-4035.

      Donations are also being accepted on United Way of New York City's Web
      site: http://www.uwnyc.org

      American Red Cross, cash donations:
      (800) HELP-NOW

      Salvation Army, cash donations:
      (800) SAL-ARMY

      All trained medical personnel willing to go into Manhattan to assist
      victims and emergency workers may call 516-656-9254 or 516-656-9252. The
      City of Glen Cove, New York is coordinated transportation of medical
      personnel via ferry to Manhattan.

      The American Red Cross is in need of blood to replenish the nation's
      supply. Call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE to schedule an appointment near where you

      Friends and family who wish to check on passengers and flights may call:
      American Airlines, 1-800-245-0999
      United Airlines, 1-800-932-8555

      FBI tip Web site

      Report Attacks FBI Hotline

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