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Re: [ujeni] A Dudley Clan Update

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  • John Patten
    Man those are some cute kids! ... 2.jpg ... 2.JPG ... home.JPG __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Get email alerts & NEW webcam
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 1, 2001
      Man those are some cute kids!

      --- Daniel Dudley <papadud@...> wrote:
      > Just thought that some of you would want to see the
      > kids with a little
      > enhancements and tinkering with the picture editor.
      > Gertrude went to Malawi for the summer to see her
      > family, while I worked all
      > summer. I had a lot of time to think of strange
      > things so I picked them up
      > at the airport in a limo (sweeeeet) and got a
      > picture. It was kind of
      > funny, when we were leaving the terminal we went
      > through an overpass that
      > went over a road. Gertrude pointed out a limo to
      > her brother and said
      > something about riding in one, I just snickered to
      > myself. She was very
      > surprised and it was a most triumphant hour and a
      > half ride home.
      > Wendy is now 4 years old, and Tiamike is now 18
      > months. I can't believe how
      > time flies.
      > The Dudleys
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      > ATTACHMENT part 2 image/pjpeg name=Baby Warning

      > ATTACHMENT part 3 image/pjpeg name=Wendy 4th Bday

      > ATTACHMENT part 4 image/pjpeg name=the limo at

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