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Fwd: A message to sign for Peace Corps

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  • Daniel Dudley
    I got this from Woody Jewett who was the country desk officer for Malawi while I was there from 94-96. Coincidentally his daughter was a student at my school
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2001
      I got this from Woody Jewett who was the country desk officer for Malawi
      while I was there from 94-96. Coincidentally his daughter was a student at
      my school for 2 years. I don't know if anyone is interested in this but I
      thought that I would forward it anyways.


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      >Subject: Fwd: A message to sign for Peace Corps
      >Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 10:47:31 -0700
      >Dear Friends: This is an effort to get the US Senate to reject Bush's
      >nominee Gaddi Vasquez to be PC Director. If you agree with the statement
      >below, then reply directly to its author, John Coyne, at jpcoyne@...,
      >and include three items: your name, address and country & years of
      >service. Thanks. Woody Jewett
      >> If you are willing to add your name to this statement, please send it to
      >>me. I need name, address, and country of service. This message--with your
      >>name-- will go out immediately to approximately 10,000 email addresses of
      >>RPCVs asking for more signatures. I want to show that this "Message to the
      >>U.S. Senate" is a collective effort from many RPCVs and from many
      >>countries of service. We will ask that others download, gather signatures,
      >>and send them to me. Names and addresses will also be collected at the
      >>Conference and all of the signatures will be forwarded to the U.S. Senate.
      >>Thank you, John Coyne
      >> A Message to the United States Senate
      >>September 20, 2001
      >>The undersigned Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) and friends of the
      >>Peace Corps respectfully urge the United States Senate to reject President
      >>Bush's nomination of Gaddi H. Vasquez to serve as the next Director of the
      >>Peace Corps.
      >> Mr. Vasquez has no professional or personal experience in international
      >>development, volunteerism, or public service that would qualify him to
      >>hold this important position. In addition, serious questions have been
      >>raised about his ethics and management skills during his only tenure as a
      >>public official in Orange County, California. In the 40 years since the
      >>Peace Corps was established, no person has been nominated to serve as
      >>Peace Corps Director with such significant and unresolved concerns
      >>stemming from his or her professional background. To find answers to these
      >>questions and address these concerns will require the Senate to conduct a
      >>long and thorough investigation into Mr. Vasquez's background. This will
      >>further delay the confirmation of new leadership for the Peace Corps at a
      >>critical time in its history and distract the agency from its mission.
      >> The Peace Corps is a national treasure that has enjoyed wide-spread
      >>support here at home and earned enormous admiration for our people and our
      >>country internationally. The 7,500 Peace Corps Volunteers serving
      >>overseas today deserve a leader who will bring distinction to the job of
      >>Director. Therefore, we urge the Senate to reject the nomination of Mr.
      >>Vasquez. We encourage President Bush to nominate an individual of
      >>demonstrated competence, experience, and integrity to serve as the next
      >>Director of the Peace Corps.
      >> John Coyne
      >>99 Reed Avenue
      >>Pelham Manor, New York
      >>Ethiopia 1962-64

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