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  • Paul Dever
    Reply to: RE [ujeni] Help!!! Read the Lords of Discipline... If you have access to the INternet, I think AI and UNICEF would have the information you are
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 24, 1999
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      Reply to: RE>[ujeni] Help!!!
      Read the Lords of Discipline...

      If you have access to the INternet, I think AI and UNICEF would have the
      information you are looking for. Unfortunately, USAID is another story.
      YOu could try finding someone in DC to listen...

      Date: 3/24/99 18:47
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      From: ujeni@onelist.com
      From: Peter Bertling <pbertlin@...>

      I need help from anyone who can give it to me. Here's the deal. Our
      school has been having a lot of problems in the past (like the last 20-30
      years). There was a system put into place by a past director which was
      intended to act as a way for younger students to receive help from the
      older ones. Unfortuantely, what it has warped into is a facist
      organization where the older kids terrorize the younger ones to bring them
      into "the system." There have been several cases of child abuse in the
      past including situations where one child was burt with cigarettes and
      others were beaten because they failed to follow the rules created by the
      older kids. In basic terms, they think they run the school and can do
      whatever they like. The current director has made a lot of progress over
      the past few years in curbing and stopping such incidents, but it's still a
      problem. When we confront them about it, the older kids claim it to be
      "tradition" and have very (superficially) good arguments about why they
      shouldn't or can't change. We (the foreign staff) do what we can, but we're
      only about 1/3 of the the total adult population, and we can only do so
      much. The Turkish staff are too afraid of losing their jobs to do more
      than a blind eye. What I need are things from the UN, Amnesty
      International, or any other international organization about the rights of
      children. We need to hit them hard with recognized information which shows
      them that what they are doing is horribly wrong. It's been ok for most of
      the year and we were hoping it was shaping up, but lately it's gotten worse
      again. We want to hit them with everything we've got. We've given them
      the basic ultimatum that we will leave if things don't change, but we also
      need the internationally recognized morality to back us up. We're sick and
      tired of this crap and we want it to end now!
      Two other things, if anyone has access to them. Information on how USAID
      choses who to give money to (our school has had four or five buildings
      built by their funds, and they are NOT a needy case) and any information on
      groups related to foreign teacher hiring so we can blacklist these bastards
      if we need to. We'll probably do it anyway unless we see a drastic
      increase in standards and behavior. Like I said, it's come to a head
      recently. If anyone can help me out, please do so. It will mean a lot to
      me and to a lot of good kids here. Thanks. Peace.


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