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FW: Recruitment for PSC for Malawi

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  • Scott Geibel
    USAID/Malawi is looking for a new point guard to lead all mission HIV/AIDS activities. Any takers? I thought just being a PCV was a lot to handle. Results
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 15, 2001
      USAID/Malawi is looking for a new point guard to lead all mission HIV/AIDS activities.  Any takers?  I thought just being a PCV was a lot to handle.
        Results Package Team Leader HIV/AIDS

      SOLICITATION NO. 612-S-00-01-00007
      ISSUANCE DATE: March 15, 2001
      CLOSING DATE: April 13, 2001

      SUBJECT: Solicitation for Personal Services Contractor (PSC), USAID/Malawi
               Results Package Team Leader HIV/AIDS

       The United States Government, represented by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), is seeking applications (Standard Form 171's or OF 612) from persons interested in providing the Personal Services Contract (PSC) services described in the attached.

       Submission shall be in accordance with the attached information at the place and time specified.  Final contracting for the position shall be subject to the availability of funds.

       Any questions may be directed to Tarsco Mwafulirwa, Personnel Officer, USAID/Malawi, who may be reached at FAX number 265-773-181 or internet email tmwafulirwa@.... Please reference the above solicitation number with any inquiries.

       Offerors should retain for their records copies of all enclosures that accompany their proposals.


      Cecil McFarland
      Executive Officer

      1. SOLICITATION NUMBER:                   612-S-00-01-00007
      2. ISSUANCE DATE:                         March 15,  2001
         RECEIPT OF ALL APPLICATIONS:           April 13, 2001, 5:00 P.M. Malawi time
      4. POSITION TITLE:                        Results Package Team Leader HIV/AIDS
      5. MARKET VALUE:                          GS-13  ($57,345 - $74,553)
      6. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE:                 As soon as possible. Initial contract period is for
                                                twenty four months with possible extensions in one
                                                year increments for up to a total of five years.
      7. PLACE OF PERFORMANCE:                  Lilongwe, Malawi

      The Incumbent will serve as the USAID/Malawi Health, Population and Nutrition (HPN) Strategic Objective (SO) Team HIV/AIDS Results Package (RP) Team Leader and advisor for all Mission HIV/AIDS activities.  In this position s/he will facilitate the HPN SO Team’s achievement of the strategic objective of behaviors adopted that reduce fertility and risk of HIV/AIDS and improve child health.  S/he will be responsible for the Community-based Options for Protection and Empowerment (COPE) Project.  The incumbent will fully develop the HIV/AIDS-LIFE Results Package and will lead the USAID HIV/LIFE RP Team.  S/he will assist the HPN SO Team Leader to coordinate the HIV/LIFE activities of all USG-funded HIV/AIDS activities in Malawi.  S/he will work closely with the RP Team Leader in charge of the District Partnership/Policy Reform activities, providing guidance to implementing partners on their district level, health facility-based and community-based HIV/AIDS activities, identifying and resolving problems, and documenting achievements and lessons learned. S/he will also work closely with the RP Team Leader for Reproductive Health (RH) and Human Resources (HR) to develop and implement integrated RH-HIV/AIDS activities and to incorporate HIV/AIDS into HR activities.  As the Team Leader for the HIV/AIDS RP, the incumbent will assist the Strategic Objective Teams of Sustainable Economic Growth, Basic Education and D/G in incorporating HIV/AIDS activities (and funding) within the respective SOs.  S/he will work in the USAID/Malawi office and will report directly to the HPN Officer, who is the HPN SO Team Leader.

      Malawi's fertility, HIV infection and mortality rates are among the highest in the world.  The population is growing at 1.9 percent per year (1998 Census) and the total fertility rate is 6.6 (1992 DHS).  Maternal mortality is estimated to be over 600 per 100,000 live births and the infant mortality rate is approximately 134 per 1,000 live births (1992 DHS).  One of every four children does not survive to his or her fifth birthday.  Fifteen percent of the adult population is estimated to be infected with HIV (1998 NACP estimate).  It is clear that Malawi's high fertility and mortality are closely interlinked and are both a cause and effect of poverty, illiteracy and poor health, together with low levels of educational attainment and socio-economic status of women.

      The National AIDS Control Program (NACP) of the Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP) estimated that at the end of 1997, nearly one million Malawians were HIV positive, and this figure is expected to rise to two million by the year 2010.  An AIDS Assessment Study conducted by the Government of Malawi (GOM) and the World Bank in late 1997 estimated that Malawi's average life expectancy, which was predicted to rise to 57 years in 2010, will now drop to 44 years.  According to the AIDS Study, at least 25 percent of the urban workforce are likely to die from the disease in the next 10 years. The hardest hit sectors include education and health, where the annual personnel death rate is now three percent, six times higher than the predicted 0.5 percent.  Malawian policy makers have become aware of the fact that AIDS is the most critical challenge to Malawi's overall development.

      The Amendment and three-year extension to the GOM-USAID Support to AIDS and Family Health (STAFH) Project, which was signed on November 1998, provided funds for an experienced, long-term HIV/AIDS specialist who would oversee the HIV/AIDS activities and serve as a member of the USAID HPN SO3 Team.  Of the original STAFH project budget of $45 million, $8 million was programmed to provide HIV/AIDS technical assistance, training, commodities and local cost support between September 1998 and September 2001.  The amended STAFH Project placed increased emphasis on behavior change related to HIV/AIDS/STD, providing, in addition to the long-term HIV specialist, a long-term behavior change specialist to work directly with the NACP staff to develop and implement a five-year behavior change strategy.  In FY 2000, Malawi was identified as one of the countries in Africa to receive additional funds for HIV/AIDS activities under the Leadership and Investment in Fighting an Epidemic (LIFE) Initiative. These additional funds were programmed during the first year to expand on-going activities funded under the STAFH, CHAPS and COPE projects which were all extended for an additional year.  A new HIV/AIDS-LIFE Results Package was developed which identifies the expanded HIV activities under the present projects as well as new HIV/AIDS activities that will be developed and implemented under the five-year HPN SO Results Framework beginning in FY 2001.

      In addition to managing the COPE activity and providing assistance to the other two HPN SO RP Teams, the HIV/AIDS RP Team Leader will coordinate with the CDC LIFE Chief of Party (COP) on CDC-funded HIV/AIDS activities in Malawi, to assure that they are in line with GOM, and USAID.  S/he will also serve as a liaison between USAID, CDC, DOL and any other USG agency supporting HIV/AIDS activities in Malawi, and will ensure coordination in the development, implementation and evaluation of these (LIFE-funded) activities.

      The HPN SO Team undertakes the day-to-day oversight and management of the USAID HPN program.  The core team includes the Team Leader, the HIV/AIDS RP Team Leader, the RH/HR RP Team Leader, the District Partnership/Policy Reform RP Team Leader and specific members from the support offices of Program Development and Analysis (PDA), Financial Management (FMO) and the Executive (EXO).

      The day-to-day management of the HIV/AIDS RP Team is the responsibility of the HIV/AIDS RP Team Leader.  The HIV/AIDS RP Team includes: the RP Team Leader, the Assistant Team Leader (FSN) and the development partners responsible for implementing the HIV/AIDS portfolio.  The HIV/AIDS RP Team is responsible for providing the SO Team and Mission Management with core technical expertise, and policy and management guidance/oversight for all HIV/AIDS activities financed by USAID.

      In particular the incumbent will be responsible for the following development activities:

      A. Planning         20%

      The Mission Country Strategic Plan (CSP) for 2001-2005 provides the framework for the USAID HPN Strategic Objective and Results Framework.  Teaming with the U.S. agencies including CDC, the Embassy, Department of Labor, Department of Defense and the Peace Corps, USAID-funded grantees, international organizations and appropriate GOM officials, the HIV/AIDS RP Team Leader will provide substantive technical leadership in HIV/AIDS analysis and planning.  This includes identifying achievable development results in collaboration with customers; establishing dialogue with and obtaining and maintaining support from in-country partners, customers and stakeholders; and obtaining GOM and Mission approvals for new activities related to HIV/AIDS to be funded under the USAID/Malawi HPN SO Results Framework.

      Specific activities:

      1. Reviews and modifies the HPN SO Results Framework with particular focus on the HIV/AIDS Results Package, fully developing new and on-going activities, including technical, policy, social soundness, gender and budgetary analyses.

      2. Drafts the HPN SO sections of the Budget Justification materials for new USAID-financed results and activities related to HIV/AIDS, and makes recommendations for the annual HPN SO Resource Request (second section of the R4).

      3.  Prepares sections of the HPN Strategic Objective Agreement related to HIV/AIDS activities and budgets.

      B.  Achieving (Implementation)       60%

      The principal task of the HIV/AIDS RP Team Leader is to provide overall management, technical guidance and leadership to the team of implementing agencies who are carrying out HIV/AIDS related activities with (LIFE and other HIV/AIDS) funding under the HPN SO.  The incumbent will also coordinate with and provide technical assistance to the NACP to implement the five-year National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan (2000-2004) and will work closely and collaboratively with the other donors who provide support to the NACP.

      Specific activities:

      1.  Leads the HIV/AIDS Results Package Team: organizes regular meetings with implementing agencies, reviews progress reports and assessments, makes field visits to activity sites to document progress, identifies issues and problems, and facilitates problem solutions by identifying and securing technical assistance and other resources as appropriate.

      2.  Prepares Modified Acquisition and Assistance Request Documents (MAARD) including statements of work and budgets and Implementation Letters (IL) to earmark and commit funds for HIV/AIDS activities being implemented by GOM and cooperating agencies, NGOs and PVOs, and contractors.

      3.  Works with all SO Team Members to ensure that PVO, NGO and GOM partners receive needed information on USAID regulations and policies, and are able to comprehend and comply with these regulations.

      4.   Works with Umoyo Network to identify appropriate NGOs to develop and carry out HIV/AIDS prevention activities and assists Umoyo Network and NGOs to develop technically sound proposals that Umoyo can fund.  Provides technical guidance to Umoyo for development of the HIV/AIDS sections of its annual workplan, including identifying in-country and participant training activities. Provides Umoyo and its clients training and guidance regarding HIV/AIDS research and results, lessons learned from interventions in Malawi and other countries, and implications for design and evaluation of HIV/AIDS activities in Malawi.  Makes recommendations for study tours and other information sharing activities both in and outside of Malawi.

      5.  In collaboration with the long-term Behavior Change Specialist and the CDC LIFE COP, provides assistance to the NACP regarding implementation of activities under the five-year Strategic Framework and Implementation Plan.  Develops scopes of work and coordinates visits for short-term advisors, secures GOM and USG clearances for these visits, and ensures that results are consistent with NACP and SO activities and requirements.

      6.  Participates in monthly meetings of the USAID SO Team and, as appropriate, in quarterly meetings of the Result Package Teams.  Provides updates on GOM, NGO and PVO activities, identifies NGOs and other organizations that could provide information a/o services related to HIV/AIDS prevention and mitigation, and facilitates development new interventions.

      7.  Participates in monthly meetings of the HIV/AIDS Technical Working Group (TWG), which includes representatives from the GOM, UNAIDS and other donor agencies, and major implementing partners, to keep all informed of progress and issues related to USAID funded HIV/AIDS prevention activities.  Participates in TWG Task Forces as appropriate. Reports to the HPN SO Team on progress and issues related to the TWG and Task Forces.

      8.  Provides guidance and leadership to the SO Teams of Sustainable Economic Growth, Basic Education and D/G to ensure that viable HIV/AIDS activities are incorporated within these Strategic Objectives.  In this capacity the incumbent serves on the Expanded SO Teams and will contribute to program design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of HIV/AIDS activities.

      9.   Participates in Southern African regional meetings and activities related to USAID-financed regional HIV/AIDS interventions.

      10.  Recommends and identifies funding for research activities, mentors Malawian project managers and researchers to develop their skills and carry out research studies and present and publish findings. Participates in and makes presentations at professional meetings related to HIV/AIDS.

      11.Drafts sections of the semi-annual SO Performance Implementation Report (SOPIR) related to HIV/AIDS activities describing progress, identifying implementation issues, technical problems and administrative bottlenecks that could impede results achievement, and outlining TA and activities planned for the following period.

      12. Coordinates HIV/AIDS activities of all the USG implementing agencies working in Malawi.  Organizes semi- or annual meetings to coordinate all USG inputs.  Serves as a member of the Mission HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention Committee.

      13.  Liaises on a regular basis with the Financial Analyst assigned to the HPN SO team to review and analyze the financial status of each HIV activity.

      C.  Assessing and Learning  (Monitoring & Evaluation)   20%

      S/he will provide leadership for Judging activities by ensuring that HIV/AIDS performance monitoring systems are in place and that periodic, reliable measures/indicators of impact are established.

      Specific activities:

      1.  Provides technical guidance to GOM and cooperating agency implementing partners to develop adequate monitoring and evaluation plans for USAID-funded HIV/AIDS activities, and assists them to establish monitoring systems that will provide regular measurements of outputs and results.

      2.  Provides leadership in establishing performance monitoring systems for the HIV/AIDS-related activities under the HPN SO Results Framework under USAID/Malawi five-year CSP (2001-2005).

      3.  Collects performance data from all partners implementing USAID-financed activities, as well as from GOM and donor agencies, and drafts HIV/AIDS portion of the HPN SO sections of Results Review (first section of R4).  Assures accuracy and reliability of data by performing annual data quality assessments.

      4.  Provides leadership for coordinating the analysis of the HIV/AIDS data from the 2000 Malawi Demographic and Health Survey in collaboration with the National Statistics Office, the NACP and Macro International (the DHS contractor) including development of plans for analysis and dissemination of results.

      9.  Knowledge/Skills Required


      In-depth knowledge of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and program responses by countries in Africa.

      Management skills required to strategize, develop and implement effective HIV/AIDS program activities including financial management.  Administrative skills are required to oversee the performance of cooperating agency technical advisors and institutional contractors.

      Excellent verbal communication skills, tact and diplomacy are required to establish and develop sustainable working relationships at the highest level and a high level of trust with public/private organizations.  Verbal communications skills are also used to negotiate activity plans and resolve activity implementation issues with counterparts, partners and team members.  Excellent written communication skills are required to prepare regular and ad hoc reports, activity documentation and briefing papers.

      Analytical ability to interpret public policies and assist in the development of revised policies as required to improve the policy environment related to HIV/AIDS in Malawi and Southern Africa.  Skill in conceptualizing programming, policies, and plans and developing strategies for their implementation.  Must be able to integrate short and long-range objectives of the HPN SO Team with the cultural/organizational needs of the government, frequently influencing government priorities and direction, as well as ensuring that the HPN SO reflects the priority development needs of Malawi.

      Ability to work effectively in a team environment and proactively work to achieve consensus on policy, project and administrative matters.

      Good computer skills are required to manage activity goals and achievements, both program and financial.


      Masters in Public Health, Public Administration, Social Science or closely related field is required.


      At least six (6) or more years of overseas experience in designing, implementing and managing international HIV/AIDS and/or reproductive health programs is required.  Experience with USAID and management of health and population programs overseas is highly desirable.  Experience in East and Southern Africa and working with NGOs is desirable.

       Supervision/Oversight over Other Employees

      One FSN-10 Project Management Specialist (Health).  Makes appropriate work assignments to the Project Management Specialist in terms of the product desired, technical soundness, and general effectiveness and adequacy of total work output.  Evaluates and recommends suitable recognition for outstanding performance, takes action to improve staff performance as required, and deals with grievances and complaints.

      Supervisory Controls

      Desired Results are indicated only in terms of general overall objectives.  Determination of technical or professional methods used is left completely to the discretion of the incumbent.  Work Results are reviewed only for attainment of objectives and conformance with policies and regulations.  The HPN SO team leader and the incumbent will jointly develop workplans.

      Guidelines Used and judgment required in Their Application

      Guidelines used include but are not limited to ADS, CSP, SO Team Charter, Mission Orders, standard accounting, auditing and financial management operating procedures and systems.


      The work involves many different, complex, and interrelated processes.  The political environment requires high degree of sensitivity and diplomacy in establishing dialogue and developing interventions to limit the spread of HIV/AIDS.  The Incumbent will require a depth of expertise that will allow her/him to provide leadership in HIV/AIDS issues and programs to management, FSN staff, partners, counterparts and customers.  The position requires managing for results within USAID, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Population, PVOs, NGOs, and multi-national organizations.  Decisions on management depend on a capability to identify and systematize otherwise diffuse issues and elements, including an understanding and assessment of complex economic, educational, cultural, and political constraints.  Extensive investigation and analysis are required to determine the nature and scope of initiatives, which will reduce HIV transmission and mitigate the impact of AIDS cost effectively, as well as with public/private partnerships.

      The work requires the continuing application of innovative and original thinking to the solution of a problem that resists resolution.  To be effective, the incumbent must keep abreast of state-of-the-art developments in HIV/AIDS and reproductive health fields and assess the applicability of new theories and techniques to current problems.  New information, new criteria, and new methods are developed by the incumbent as a result of his/her efforts to reduce the intensity of Malawi’s HIV/AIDS epidemic.

      Scope & Effect of Position

      Purpose and Impact

      The HIV/AIDS RP Team Leader provides professional leadership in HIV/AIDS that is vital to the achievement of USAID/Malawi’s goals of improving health status.  This involves the design, management and evaluation of HIV/AIDS interventions that are critical elements in the overall development plans and of crucial importance to Malawi's political and public health leaders.

      The RP Team Leader’s leadership role and standing as a health professional in the region, as well as with program staff, are critical to the successful achievement of U.S. government funded health programs.  The RP Team Leader’s role in devising appropriate and workable ways to meet the host country’s unique needs and requirements affects the success of efforts to reduce the spread of AIDS in Malawi.

      The RP Team Leader is responsible for conceptualizing country program HPN SO activities and developing appropriate results expected, milestones and action plans to effectively implement those activities related to HIV/AIDS.  In so doing s/he will be required to conduct or supervise the conduct of applied research to develop solutions to problems that have limited precedents.  The impact of this work will be to contribute changes in behavior and reform of the health sector to better meet the needs of the people in Malawi.

      Authority to Make Commitments

      The HIV/AIDS RP Team Leader is authorized to make final program activity commitments with counterparts and government officials.  Commitments to final policy and funding will require the co-signature of the HPN Officer (HPN SO Team Leader) for USAID funded activities.

      Terms of Performance

      The Personal Services Contract will be for a period of two years and may be extended for up to three  additional years for a total of five years subject to performance, continuing need for the Specialist's services, and availability of funds.

      9.Additional Information

      As a matter of policy, and as appropriate, a US PSC may be authorized the following:


      Employer FICA & Medicare Contributions
      Contribution toward Health and Life Insurance
      Pay Comparability Adjustment Annual Increase
      Eligibility for Worker=s Compensation
      Annual and Sick Leave
      Shipment and/or Storage of HHE
      Shipment of UAB and POV

      ALLOWANCES (if applicable)

      Temporary Lodging Allowance
      Living Quarters Allowance
      Post Allowance
      Supplemental Post Allowance
      Separate Maintenance Allowance
      Education Allowance
      Post Differential
      Payments during Evacuation/Authorized Departure

      How to Apply

      Please send, to the attention of Cecil McFarland, Contracting Officer, a
      Standard Form 171 or OF 612 by fax to 265-773-181; by e.mail to
      cmcfarland@... or by US mail to

      Cecil McFarland
      2280 Lilongwe Pl.
      Washington, D.C. 20523

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