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Fwd: FW: GLOBAL EXCHANGE JOB OPENING: Human Rights Program Apprentice

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  • Kristen Cheney
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    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 15, 2001
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      >Subject: FW: GLOBAL EXCHANGE JOB OPENING: Human Rights Program Apprentice
      >Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 15:57:50 -0800
      >FYI, A Paid internship at GX! Please pass on to your networks!
      >Thank you in advance.
      >Global Exchange Human Rights Program Apprenticeship
      >Program Assistant and Urgent Action Coordinator
      >Job Description:
      >Organizational Background: Global Exchange is a non-profit education,
      >research, and action center forging closer ties between North Americans and
      >grassroots groups working for economic justice and democracy around the
      >world. Through our various programs we seek fundamental change in U.S. and
      >corporate policies to favor of human rights and fair and environmentally
      >sustainable development. Our programs include Reality Tours, a Fair Trade,
      >Public Education, Corporate Accountability, and Human Rights campaigns to
      >influence international policy issues.
      >The Human Rights program at Global Exchange currently includes program work
      >on Mexico, Colombia, Haiti, Brazil, Palestine, and domestically in
      >California. Each of these programs has specific goals and are linked
      >together in their administrative structure, public education, policy
      >advocacy work, and legislative strategy.
      >Global Exchange seeks a stipended apprentice who shares a commitment to
      >for greater social justice, a strong understanding of the current situation
      >in at least one of the regions listed above, and a passion for learning
      >more. The position involves a great deal of responsibility and is
      >by the Human Rights program director.
      >Purpose: To assist the program director in the overall running of Global
      >Exchange's Human Rights Program. The work includes the following:
      >o Report and Urgent Action: Assist program staff with writing,
      >translating, editing: Recent reports include a comprehensive report on the
      >Mexican Military, a report on the Haitian elections, Brazil Human Rights
      >2000 report. See our webpage (http://www.globalexchange.org) for more
      >information on these reports.
      >o Lobbying: Helping build capacity to lobby at the federal level in
      >of positions and legislation that support human rights and democratic
      >o Public Outreach: Help to organize informational meetings,
      >demonstrations, phone-banks and media events.
      >o Program Outreach: Help produce and update program informational
      >o Delegation Organization: Aiding in the organization of educational
      >o Archiving: Collecting and archiving material on current issues in
      >various regions.
      >o Research: Assisting program staff in researching regional and US
      >o Fundraising: Assisting program staff with program reports and
      >and liaison with the development department.
      >o Administrative Support: Filing, data entry, internet searches and
      >extensive phone work. Also includes building and maintaining urgent action
      >e-mail networks.
      >o Coordination with program staff in San Francisco and abroad: Includes
      >regular communication and collaboration with field offices in Mexico and
      >Personal Requirements:
      >Applicants for this position should be self-motivated, well-organized,
      >fluent in English (and preferably Portuguese, Arabic, or Spanish),
      >knowledgeable about the history of the regions involved, current events and
      >international relations. Applicants should have strong computer and office
      >skills (Microsoft Word, Quick Mail, PageMaker 6, Filemaker Pro, Netscape).
      >The stipended apprenticeship program is a minimum 6 month program (32
      >hrs/week) set up to allow a highly motivated person, who might not
      >be able to afford it, to do an apprenticeship. People of color,
      >lesbian/gay/bi sexual/transgendered people and non-citizens are strongly
      >encouraged to apply.
      >Starting stipend: $1000.00 monthly plus health benefits.
      >Candidates, please send:
      >1. Letter of interest
      >2. Resume
      >3. Three letters of reference that specifically address your capabilities
      >for THIS position. Two of these letters should be from academic or
      >professional supervisors and one may be from a friend or colleague.
      >Please send application materials to:
      >Ted Lewis, Human Rights Program
      >Global Exchange
      >2017 Mission St. #303
      >San Francisco, CA 94110
      >If you wish to send application materials by email please send them to:

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