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Re: [ujeni] FW: naming the new Peace Corps building (fwd)

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  • Christine Chumbler
    The Senate, unfortunately, has already passed the measure authorizing naming the building after Coverdell. But I m not sure if that means it s final now, or
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 12, 2001
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      The Senate, unfortunately, has already passed the measure authorizing naming the building after Coverdell. But I'm not sure if that means it's final now, or if it has to get other approval elsewhere.

      >>> "Bell, Elizabeth" <eib6@...> 3/12/01 8:44 AM >>>
      For those of you who care (sorry can't recall who among you were interested
      in this issue).
      Apologies to those who don't.

      I very much recall the below as being Coverdell's reputation among the
      returning and departing PCVs when I was in grad school for international
      health in '93-'94.

      Liz Bell
      from the "Big A"

      Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2001 17:48:21 -0500
      From: Lora Shimp <LSHIMP@...>
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      tcdoherty@..., kwiedmann@..., aasampson@...,
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      Subject: Re: naming the new Peace Corps building

      Hey, all. Lora here. Sorry for the mass mailing - you know I don't do
      these often. This came from the RPCV network (without the Post
      attachment...). Normally, I'm leery of these petitions, but I actually
      worked for Paul Coverdale. Yes, he was a decent man. Yes, he should be
      honored. But I worked in his Executive Secretariat at Peace Corps HQ from
      1989-90 and the man sent more letters and X-mas cards to GA than to most
      countries, RPCVs or PCVs. It was VERY obvious that Peace Corps, to him, was
      a stepping stone to the Senate. We used to joke about staff and visitors
      being from the "big A", meaning Atlanta, not New York, and when he was going
      to make his Senate bid. He ran Peace Corps like an office on the Hill.
      I've met Sargent Shriver, and he is a wonderful man who STILL attends Peace
      Corps events and is very active. If they plan to rename the building, it
      should be after him. Anyway, that's my two cents. Hope that you're all
      well and sorry to those of you who I haven't seen/written in awhile!! I'm
      in Africa more than DC these days... Best, Lora

      > February 28, 2001
      > Dear RPCV Friends and Family:
      > Save Peace Corps' Legacy!
      > The accompanying article appeared in the Washington
      > Post on February 22, 2001. It was written by Al Kamen,
      > an RPCV, who served in the Dominican Republic. It
      > appears that the United States Senate has decided to
      > name the Peace Corps Headquarters building in downtown
      > Washington, D.C., for the late U.S. Senator Paul D.
      > Coverdell, who served as Peace Corps director from
      > 1989-1991. The Senate bill would apparently also
      > require all Peace Corps stationary and brochures to
      > carry the former Senator's name. We believe that the
      > Senate is within their right to honor the late Senator
      > Coverdell. In fact, we commend them for it. The Senator
      > was a friend of the Peace Corps during his tenure in
      > the Senate. He fought hard to protect and enhance
      > the Peace Corps budget.
      > That said, he was not the most notable director, nor
      > was he untouched by controversy. His frequent trips to
      > Georgia, sponsored by an already limited Peace Corps
      > budget, during his run for the Senate caused many
      > volunteers, returned volunteers and Peace Corps staff
      > to question his priorities. His reallocation of Peace
      > Corps funds to support domestic programs over
      > international programs also caused quite a stir. These
      > controversies were highlighted in several Washington
      > Post articles (one even warranted the front page)!
      > printed during Coverdell's tenure as Peace Corps
      > director.
      > The naming of the Peace Corps is not a political
      > prize. It is a legacy which should be protected. That
      > honor should go to the person or persons who worked
      > tirelessly to create, expand and support the Peace
      > Corps and its activities overseas. Several have
      > suggested that the honor should be saved for our first
      > Peace Corps Director, R. Sargent Shriver, who even
      > now, in his 80s, turns out to support and publicize
      > Peace Corps and its mission. Others have suggested the
      > late Senator Hubert Humphrey who came up with the
      > original idea for an international volunteer agency to
      > promote world peace and development. Still others have
      > suggested the much loved Loret Miller Ruppe who led
      > the Agency through some difficult years in the 1980s,
      > working without pay in her first year because she was
      > afraid she couldn't do the job.
      > The Senate's efforts to name the Peace Corps World
      > Wise Schools Program for Senator Coverdell is
      > appropriate. He created the domestic education
      > program and it would be a fine tribute to his time at
      > the Peace Corps. Perhaps they could even go so far as
      > to name the Peace Corps' Atlanta recruiting office
      > for the Senator, but not the Headquarters building in
      > Washington, D.C.
      > You are one of over 161,000 returned Peace Corps
      > Volunteers who represent the Peace Corps constituency.
      > Let your voice be heard! Let the Congress know
      > that this thoughtless political posturing is
      > unacceptable.
      > Please do the following:
      > 1. Sign this petition and forward it to all of your
      > RPCV friends and family. If you are the 100th
      > petitioner (or even 50th as time is important)
      > please continue to forward the email, but also send a
      > copy to us to help us keep a tally. You can reach us
      > at: kikosmom2@... or griff_jack@...
      > 2. Call your congressional representatives and your
      > Senators to voice your opposition in naming the Peace
      > Corps Building after Senator Coverdell. Call (202)
      > 224-3121
      > Please help us to save Peace Corps' Legacy!
      > 1. Karen Orehowsky, RPCV Cameroon, 4407 Churchman
      > Court, Alexandria, Virginia 22310
      > 2. Michelle Owens, RPCV Zaire 85-88, P.O. Box 1628,
      > Accra, Ghana
      > 3. Stacy Cavanagh, RPCV Benin - 91-94, Nutsubidze
      > 93, Tbilisi, Georgia
      > 4. Maura J. Fulton, RPCV Micronesia 95-97,
      > Nutsubidze 93, Tbilisi, Georgia
      > 5. Cheryl A. Klein, RPCV Kiribati 91-94, 1919 19th
      > St., NW Apt. 2, Washington, DC 20009
      > 6. Elizabeth McClure, RPCV Micronesia 94-96, 1919
      > 19th St., NW, Apt. 2, Washington, DC 20009
      > 7. Barry Bem, RPCV Colombia 63-65, Washington, DC
      > 8. Roz Wollmering, RPCV Liberia & Guinea-Bissua,
      > Melbourne Australia
      > 9. H.J. Julie Kim, RPCV Estonia, Washington, DC
      >10. Janice Davis, RPCV Paraguay 80-82, Annandale, VA
      >11. John Shores, RPCV Colombia 1972-1976, RPCV Dominican Republic
      > 1976-1978, Staff/Washington, DC 1989-1998, currently San Jose,
      12. Pat Hoke Soles, RPCV Venezuela, 1969, Arlington, Virginia
      13. Roger Soles, RPCV Colombia 1963-65, Arlington, Virginia
      14. Carlos E. Soles, RPCV Nicaragua 1996-98, Arlington, Virginia
      15. Philip J. Lemkau, RPCV Nicaragua 1970-72, Yellow Springs, Ohio
      16. Jeanne P. Lemkau, RPCV Nicaragua 1970-72, Yellow Springs, Ohio
      17. Patricia Taylor, RPCV Brasil 1974-76, APCD El Salvador 1978-80,
      Washington, D.C.
      18. Ken Heise, RPCV Zaire (DR Congo), 1977-1980
      19. Kate Reed, RPCV Togo 1991-93
      20. Lora Shimp, RPCV Cameroon 1994-96

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      with the intention of using it to keep RPCVs and friends
      informed of activities in Nicaragua.

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