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Fwd: FW: Job posting/public policy org.

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  • Kristen Cheney
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    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 11, 2001
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      >Subject: FW: Job posting/public policy org.
      >Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2001 12:28:10 -0800
      >* Job Announcement *
      >The 2030 Center, a national public policy research and advocacy
      >for young adults, seeks a creative, politically savvy, and entrepreneurial
      >young leader for the position of director. Founded in January 1997, the
      >2030 Center provides a progressive voice for young people on major public
      >policy issues such as Social Security, budget priorities, job opportunity,
      >health care, and more. Since our founding, the 2030 Center has
      >influenced public debate by conducting policy and message development;
      >educating policymakers, the media, and the public; and building innovative
      >coalitions through relationships with a nation-wide network of activists
      >key national organizations.
      >The new director will work closely with the board to design and implement
      >new programs, raise funds, and hire staff. The 2030 Center has a solid
      >track record of high-profile accomplishment and the organization is poised
      >to make significant new strides. The organization presently has adequate
      >funds to cover the cost of the director's salary plus operational expenses.
      >Additional funds must be raised to hire new staff and implement programs.
      >For more information about the 2030 Center please see www.2030.org.
      >* Qualifications *
      >Communications - Strong writing and speaking skills are essential. Duties
      >range from writing op-eds, speeches, and press releases, to doing
      >and responding to reporters. Applicants should have familiarity with
      >running a press operation. Additionally, applicants should have the
      >to communicate with a wide range of audiences, from students and senior
      >citizen activists, to Members of Congress and other national leaders.
      >Fundraising - The new director will be responsible for raising the budget
      >for the organization. Assistance will come from the board. Experience in
      >fundraising is not absolutely required, but the ability to write a strong
      >fundraising proposal and sell it to foundations and organizational allies
      >Political experience � A strong commitment to a progressive public policy
      >agenda is required for this position. 2030 operates as an important part
      >the national progressive coalition or organizations. A sense of political
      >savvy and strategy is important, as is an understanding of the general
      >direction of national politics and the major actors within the progressive
      >Entrepreneurism � A strong passion for developing one�s own organization,
      >developing effective strategies, and follow through is required for the
      >director, the ideal candidate would be a self-starter, with an interest and
      >ability to seek out and carry out opportunities as they arise within an
      >overall strategy.
      >* Salary/Benefits *
      >30s to 40s, depending on experience. Full health benefits. 401k available
      >for voluntary deduction.
      >* Contact *
      >Send a cover letter, resume, writing sample, and any other relevant
      >information preferably by email to 2030@... (subj: Director Search) or
      >fax 202 955 5606 (attn: 2030 Center). Contact lisawitter@...
      >to discuss.

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