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Re: [ujeni] Dear Elizabeth Foy

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  • jenjacoby@saintly.com
    Mon Dieu- I think I am in love with Matt McNulty! ... Get the Latest News at CNN Interactive: http://CNN.com
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 7, 2001
      Mon Dieu- I think I am in love with Matt McNulty!

      ---- you wrote:
      > <html><body>
      > <tt>
      > Elizabeth Foy,<BR>
      > Do you ever get the feeling that you are trying to<BR>
      > prepare yourself for something that is totally and<BR>
      > absolutely foreign.� <BR>
      > You will be fine!� All will be good!!� I admire you<BR>
      > for trying to get a clue before you leave the States<BR>
      > and to undertake, what very well could become the<BR>
      > grand journey of your life.� But rest assured that<BR>
      > wondering about cats and dogs and roaches at this<BR>
      > point is superfluous at best.<BR>
      > Enjoy your friends and your family and the freedom<BR>
      > that you have right now knowing that you are<BR>
      > absolutely free,� this may never happen again.� What I<BR>
      > mean when I say absolutely free is that you have a<BR>
      > date when you are going to leave the world that you<BR>
      > now exist in behind.� You, your world, and your<BR>
      > perception will never be the same again.� At the same<BR>
      > time with a definite departure date you have the<BR>
      > freedom from worry of what to do next.<BR>
      > I don't mean to sound condescending.� My only hope for<BR>
      > you is two fold.� I hope that you revel in all that<BR>
      > you have right now.� I also hope you have as positive<BR>
      > of experience as I did while I was in Malawi and that<BR>
      > you come home with the friends, memories and a level<BR>
      > of personal growth that I so richly enjoy.<BR>
      > Take your camping stuff, bring music, bring a book.� A<BR>
      > journal is a must.� Bring a sense of adventure, an<BR>
      > understanding of right and wrong (from a western<BR>
      > perspective), all the patients (x100) that you ever<BR>
      > thought you could muster, and a huge smile.<BR>
      > Hang on friends, here we go.<BR>
      > I live through you vicariously,<BR>
      > Matt McNulty<BR>
      > RPCV Malawi 94-96<BR>
      > mcnurty@...<BR>
      > <BR>
      > <BR>
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      > "Hunter, Call Immeediately.� Time is running out.� We both <BR>
      > need to do something monstrous before we die."<BR>
      > -message to Hunter S. Thompson form his Lawyer Nov 25 1985-<BR>
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