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FW: [ujeni] Doctors Without Borders

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  • Bell, Elizabeth
    Hey Luz et al, If either you or Rob are gov n employees there s a booklet called 2000 Ways to Share published by the CFC (Combined Federal Campaign) that
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      Hey Luz et al,

      If either you or Rob are gov'n employees there's a booklet called "2000 Ways
      to Share" published by the CFC (Combined Federal Campaign) that lists ALOT
      of charities and non-profits with a brief description of services, contact
      info and the % of total revenue spent on adminstration and fundraising. Any
      organization over 25% is starred.

      I give a certain percentage of my pay check every pay period directly
      through CFC. In addition to MSF (MSF is rate is 10.5%) I also give to:

      CARE - admin and fundraising expenses 7.6%
      Planned Parenthood of GA - 16.2% (less than International PP at an
      unacceptable 22.3%
      Human and Civil Rights Orgasnizations of America - 3.3%
      Grady Rape Crisis Center - 3.7%

      I try to mix local, national and int'l organizations working in areas I feel
      strongly about; international health and developmental, relief and refugee
      work, repoductive health, and social justice/human rights issues. They also
      have organizations that work with environmental issues, animal rights,
      religious service groups, the homeless, "christian orthopaedic partners"
      (I'm NOT making that up) - you name it.

      Here's the contact info for the booklet, it may be available to anyone:

      Combined Federal Campaign
      75 Spring Street, Rm P-44
      Atlanta, GA 30303
      (404) 331-5170

      There's also a website: www.opm.gov/cfc

      Hope this helps!


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      Thanks Liz, Don and Cathy,
      I took a look at the Doctors Without Borders website and was very impressed.

      They have some great info to offer, I really liked their top ten list of the

      lesser known humaritarian crises. I did register with them and will probably

      send a bit of "Kwacha" their way.

      I'd be interested in hearing what other charities volunteers would recommend

      and which they feel are worthy of their hard earned money. Rob and I have
      made small donations to CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate Association)
      which seems to do good work with children and the judicial/foster care
      systems. Also sent some money to Zero Population Growth and ACU (Association

      of Clinicians for the Underserved).

      Thanks again for the info

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      >Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 16:10:22 -0500
      >msf's utilization of funds is quite good, one of the best. the percentage
      >of their funds that are spent on admin and overhead costs is quite small
      >well below the non-profit/charity standard.
      >and they won the 1999 nobel peace prize....
      >for more info:

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