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  • Weber
    This is for Emma Spenner... Hi Emma, Our daughter s office at Univ. of California, Davis got a request from a woman named Tanya (can t remember what Jenny said
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2001
      This is for Emma Spenner...
      Hi Emma,
      Our daughter's office at Univ. of California, Davis got a request from a woman named Tanya (can't remember what Jenny said the last name is) who seems to be working in Ecuador now through what maybe is the same project you were working with.  Jenny will be the one to correspond with her and pass on UCD pesticide health and safety education information .  Glad I had passed your Ecuador email on to Jenny so that she picked up on this. 
      I'm interested to know more about how your  project went and your personal conclusions about it if ever you have the time and inclination.
      Jenny sent us information about the conference below because she's hoping to go but timing isn't right for her to put in her request at work yet.  Assume you know about it and that maybe your project was connected, are you going?      Cathy
      Date: 2/8/01 11:50 AM
      From: Ag Center List Manager
      Society for Occupational and Environmental Health (SOEH) Annual Meeting, International Pesticide Use and Health Effects, will be held at the Natcher Center, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, December 17-21, 2001.
      The topic will be international aspects of pesticide exposure and health, with the first three days in a general conference format.
      The conference will stress participation and presentations by representatives from the less industrialized countries. The key interest areas for presentations and posters will be:
      (a) Chronic health effects from pesticide exposure,
      (b) Agricultural worker surveillance and biomonitoring studies,
      (c) Good models of integrated pesticide management and involvement of community members and workers: home, school, workplace and public health pest control situations,
      (d) Children's health with emphasis on both residential/environmental and agricultural/workplace exposures,
      (e) Pesticide use trends worldwide, and
      (f) Latest developments in exposure monitoring techniques.
      The following two days of workshops will:
      (a) Develop guidelines for clinicians for diagnosing and treating chronic health effects due to pesticides, and (b) Develop guidelines for clinicians that conduct surveillance/monitoring of pesticide-exposed work groups.
      The Conference will produce a Conference proceedings with directory of participants (contact list of experts for future consultation), and a Companion text to the EPA Green Book (Recognition and Management of Pesticide Poisonings) that will be published in English and Spanish.
      For further information, contact: SOEH 6728 Old McLean Village Road McLean, VA 22101 (703) 556-9222 FAX (703) 556-8729 E-mail: SOEH@...  
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      Jennifer L. Weber
      IPM Education and Publications
      University of California
      One Shields Avenue
      Davis, CA  95616-8620
      (530) 752-5930
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