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Fwd: Third Annual International Health Conference

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  • Kristen Cheney
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2001
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      >From: CGIRS <global@...>
      >To: global@...
      >Subject: Third Annual International Health Conference
      >Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 14:48:17 -0800
      >Third Annual International Health Conference
      >You are invited to attend the "3rd Annual International Health Conference,
      >Globalization and Health: Who Owes What to Whom?" scheduled for Saturday,
      >February 24, 2001, at the Fairchild Auditorium, Stanford University Medical
      >Center, Stanford University. This one-day regional conference is
      >by UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco, and Stanford University.
      >The morning plenary sessions are Globalization and the Plague of the Poor:
      >Owes What to Whom?, Paul Farmer, MD, PhD, Professor of Medical
      >Harvard Medical School; Globalization and the Health of Young People in
      >Developing Countries, Helen Rees, MD, Director, Reproductive Health
      >Unit, Baragwanath Hospital, Soweto, South Africa; and The WHO's Commission
      >Macroeconomics and Health: A Progress Report, Jeffrey Sachs, PhD, Director,
      >Center for International Development, Harvard University.
      >The conference will also feature ten afternoon breakout sessions on various
      >health topics, networking lunch with display tables from Bay Area NGOs, and
      >final roundtable with plenary speakers answering participant questions.
      >Attached [Below] is the conference brochure. Please print out, complete the
      >registration form, and mail back with your payment or bring to 313 Warren
      >Hall, School of Public Health. The registration fee is $35 general/$15
      >student. The registration deadline is February 12, or until full. Seating
      >limited--registration is on a first come, first served basis. Please
      >contact me if you would like print copies of the brochure.
      >Claire Norris, MPA
      >Conference Coordinator
      >International Health Office
      >313 Warren Hall
      >UC Berkeley School of Public Health
      >Berkeley, CA 94720-7360
      >510 642-6915
      >3rd Annual International Health Conference
      >Globalization and Health: Who Owes What to Whom?
      >A one-day regional conference
      >to promote public awareness, scholarship and practical action in the
      >field of international health
      >Saturday, February 24, 2001
      >Stanford University
      >Sponsored by:
      >UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco, Stanford University
      >Scholars and students in the health sciences, professionals, NGOs,
      >departments of public health, the media, policy makers at every
      >level, and the general public.
      >The conference will be held at the Fairchild Auditorium, Stanford
      >University Medical Center, Stanford, CA. Free parking is available.
      >Registrants will receive a confirmation with more information and
      >detailed directions prior to the conference.
      >Complete the registration form and mail with check made payable to UC
      >Regents. There will be no refunds except by written request prior to
      >the conference. Registration forms and payment must be received by
      >the February 12 deadline.
      >Seating is limitedregistration is on a first come, first served basis.
      >Support for the conference has been generously provided by the
      >Comparative Health Care Policy Research Project, Asia/Pacific
      >Research Center at Stanford University, UC Institute on Global
      >Conflict and Cooperation, and the UC Berkeley Institute of
      >International Studies.
      >International Health Office
      >School of Public Health
      >313 Warren Hall
      >University of California
      >Berkeley, CA 94720-7360
      >This conference will bring together professionals, graduate students,
      >and NGOs who are committed to improving global health. It will
      >provide opportunities for networking and discussion of current
      >international health issues. The program includes three morning
      >plenary sessions followed by breakout sessions on various
      >international health topics in the afternoon. Registration begins at
      >8 am. The conference runs from 9 am 5 pm.
      >9 am noon
      >Globalization and the Plague of the Poor: Who Owes What to Whom?
      >Paul Farmer, MD, PhD
      >Professor of Medical Anthropology,
      >Department of Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
      >Globalization and the Health of Young People in Developing Countries
      >Helen Rees, MD
      >Director, Reproductive Health Research Unit, Baragwanath Hospital and
      >Associate Professor, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South
      >Africa; Medicines Control Council Chairperson, South Africa
      >The WHO's Commission on Macroeconomics and Health: A Progress Report
      >Jeffrey Sachs, PhD
      > Director, Center for International Development and Professor,
      >International Trade,
      >Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
      >Noon 1:30
      >Networking lunch and exhibits by Bay Area NGOs who will display their
      >materials and discuss their work with conference participants.
      >Breakout Group I (1:30 - 2:30 pm)
      >Navigating Complex Relationships in Globalized Health: The Day-to-Day
      >Reality of NGOs
      >Globalization and Women's Health
      >Creative Ways to Spend Scarce Resources
      >Globalization and Indigenous Health Systems
      >Student Work Opportunities Abroad
      >Breakout Group II (3 4 pm)
      >Asian, African and Latin American Perspectives on Globalization
      >Biotechnology Transfer and Development
      >The Impact of Internet Technology on Healthcare
      >The Benefits from "Impoverishing" Technology: Better Government
      >Research Initiatives and New Vaccines
      >Working in Medicine Overseas: Health versus Harm
      >4 - 5 pm
      >Moderated discussion with Paul Farmer, Helen Rees, and Jeffrey Sachs
      >who will answer questions from conference participants on their
      >morning plenary sessions.
      >Please type or print clearly.
      >Name ___________________________________
      >Title ____________________________________
      >Affiliation ________________________________
      >Address _________________________________________
      >Tel _________________ Fax_________________
      >Email ___________________________________
      >Check one:
      >__ Student $15 __ General $35 __ Exhibitor $50
      >Registration fee covers attendance at all sessions, conference
      >materials, continental breakfast, and box lunch. Please make checks
      >payable to UC Regents. No refunds except by written request prior to
      >the conference.
      >CEUs will not be available for this program.
      >Please mail your registration form and check made payable to UC
      >Regents for receipt by February 12 to:
      >Claire Norris, Conference Coordinator
      >International Health Office
      >313 Warren Hall, School of Public Health
      >University of California
      >Berkeley, CA 94720-7360
      >Tel: 510 642-6915 Fax: 510 643-8236
      >Email: cnorris@...
      >:::: University of California
      >:::: 232 College Eight | Santa Cruz CA 95064
      >:::: 831.459.2833 | 831.459.3518 fax
      >:::: global@... | http://www2.ucsc.edu/cgirs

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