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Fwd: Peace Corps Re-union

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  • Karl Klemmick
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2001

      >From: mark traffas
      >To: susan umstot , Eric Meyer , dana pepper , angie rademacher , Tanya Elders , Sara Hersey , Brian Hopp , wendy huebner , Wendy Huebner , carl klemick , Linda Kornfeld , Erica Amato , David Burrows , dtalbot@..., nordin@...
      >Subject: Peace Corps Re-union
      >Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 00:05:52 -0800 (PST)
      >Hello to all,
      >Mwaswera bwanji, nonse,
      >that is about all i remember, so it is time to get
      >back together so we can study.
      >that is why i have been having email converstations
      >with Dan Talbot, you all remember him, short guy, gave
      >us our money during training, threw rotten tomatoes as
      >some of us, lost his underwear.
      >anyway we are wanting to have a re-union, yes like
      >they did in vegas, oh, so long ago.
      >this one will be in san francisco. the dates we have
      >planned our the weekend of febuary 17-19th. it is
      >presidents' day weekend so some of us might have an
      >extra day off.
      >we are going to post this on the ujeni web site some
      >time. we wanted to give everyone ample opprotunity to
      >please let me know if you are interested.
      >the plans so far include a trip to alcatraz, a sunset
      >cruise on the bay, at least one night out on the town
      >and pretty much a lot of drinking.
      >just to let you know beers will be more than 20 kwacha
      >but girls can wear shorts and skirts.
      >hotel rooms will be arranged when confirmation is
      >recieved. if you need dollar figures before you will
      >know if you can make it, i can give you a rough
      >estimate, plus all activities are voluntary.
      >hotel rooms should be roughly $30/night (that would be
      >4 people to a room with 2 queen beds). Of course some
      >people may know people in san fran and a couple bucks
      >could be saved by sleeping on the floor which i know
      >we have all done.
      >we think it will be fun. please feel free to bring
      >friends, it doesn't have to be limited to rpcv's and
      >it is not limited to malawi or our group.
      >and please, pass this on to anyone who is rpcv,
      >whether or not you will be able to make it. i do not
      >have close to everyone's email's.
      >i do hope all is well with everyone and i look forward
      >to hearing from you.
      >tsalani bwino,
      >i hope all
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