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  • Susan.Peterson@orst.edu
    Please, Enough, Zikomo.
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    • varsha ghosh
      Ummmm....having just discovered that a good number of my non-teaching/non social worker friends never pause to think about poverty or social justice issues
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        Ummmm....having just discovered that a good number of my non-teaching/non
        social worker friends never pause to think about poverty or social justice
        issues (yes, this was a surprise)--I am happy so many of you care to keep up
        on issues. It saves me from moving over to shockleyland (although I'm sure
        it's very nice over there=).

        take care--v.

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      • Paul DEVER
        We have forsaken our personal lives so that there be an informed public for this election day.
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          We have forsaken our personal lives so that there be an informed public for
          this election day.

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        • Weber
          This must be a guy thing which includes my wife who always enjoyed hanging with the fellas. Don ... From: Susan.Peterson@orst.edu To:
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            This must be a guy thing which includes my wife who always enjoyed hanging
            with the fellas. Don
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            Date: Tuesday, November 07, 2000 2:48 PM
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          • Maher, Mary Ellen (MTO)
            I rather enjoy the discourse myself, although I don t have time to read each/every email. Please continue...others can delete the messages if they choose. ...
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              I rather enjoy the discourse myself, although I don't have time to read
              each/every email. Please continue...others can delete the messages if they

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              This must be a guy thing which includes my wife who always enjoyed hanging
              with the fellas. Don
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              Date: Tuesday, November 07, 2000 2:48 PM
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            • Dan Talbot
              Thrice: John Quincy Adams Rutherford B. Hayes Benjamin Harrison I hope it s not 4..... ...
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                John Quincy Adams
                Rutherford B. Hayes
                Benjamin Harrison
                I hope it's not 4.....

                >From: "Paul DEVER" <pcpaul@...>
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                >Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2000 03:30:08 GMT
                >We have the electoral college due to an amendment in the constitution. I
                >forget which, but actually there has only been one instance in which the
                >popular vote was more than the electoral vote...back in the 30's or
                >like then.
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              • Christine Manchester
                Johns Hopkins School of Public Health: TODAY: November 9, 12:15-1:15 pm, Rm. w3204. DC Government Office of Budget and Planning recruitment presentation.
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                  Johns Hopkins School of Public Health:
                  TODAY: November 9, 12:15-1:15 pm, Rm. w3204. DC Government Office of
                  Budget and Planning recruitment presentation. Refreshments provided.

                  In Today's issue:
                  ^ Africa Regional Nutrition Advisor, Helen Keller Worldwide (West
                  ^ Associate Safety and Reliability Engineer, SAIC (Texas) MUST BE
                  ^ Budget Analyst/Senior Budget Analyst, DC government
                  ^ Program Associates, Public Welfare Foundation (DC)
                  ^ Research Director, UC erkeley (CA)
                  ^ Environmental Health Specialist, Human Services Planner/Evaluator
                  Coordinator of Health Services (NC)
                  ^ Princeton University: Visiting Fellow (NJ)
                  ^ National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities
                  ^ Research Ethics Fellowships for Scientists from Developing
                  Ccountries (MD)
                  ^ Maternal Child Health Technical Advisor, Hanoi, VIETNAM
                  ^ Country Director, Pristina, Kosovo
                  ^ Community Mental Health Project Director, Pristina, Kosovo
                  ^ Mental Health Expert, Shtime, Kosovo
                  ^ Maternal Child Health Senior Advisor (Consultant), New York, NY


                  HELEN KELLER WORLDWIDE

                  POSITION TITLE: Africa Regional Nutrition Advisor
                  DEPARTMENT: Africa Regional Office based in West Africa
                  REPORTS TO: Shawn Baker, Regional Dir. of Africa

                  PRIMARY FUNCTION: The Regional Nutrition Advisor is a key resource
                  for all of our programs in Africa, which currently include 10 country
                  offices and 2 non presence countries, with a concentration in West
                  S/he will be committed to sustaining and building on our leadership
                  position in nutrition in the Africa region.

                  1. Provides technical nutritional support to country offices and
                  and takes the lead on providing technical updates to both
                  2. Represents the Agency at key international and regional for a
                  3. Works with the Regional Director, country offices and headquarters
                  establish overall nutrition strategies for the Agency in Africa
                  4. Documents and assists country offices and partners in documenting
                  results of our work, including publication of scientific articles and
                  presentation at international conferences
                  5. Liaises with regional structures such as the West African Health
                  Organization, UNICEF, WHO and USAID projects to coordinate our
                  6. Support fund raising efforts
                  7. Develop synergies between nutrition and other program areas in
                  coordination with the Regional Director .

                  SKILLS/KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED: The ideal candidate will have an advanced
                  degree in public health nutrition or a related science with at least
                  years of field experience in nutrition programs in Africa. A doctoral
                  is preferable, but master level with extensive experience will be
                  considered. Fluency in French and English is required. Excellent
                  and presentation abilities. Demonstrated experience in computer
                  A strong background in training is highly desirable. Demonstrated
                  experience in survey methodologies and training for surveys is needed.
                  Experience working with a broad number of partners and demonstrated
                  to mobilize resources is highly desirable. A spirit of teamwork and
                  initiative are required. Ability to travel extensively in the Africa
                  region, with a concentration in West Africa. The candidate must be
                  to learn methods used by HKI so as to be able to train field staff and

                  DISCLAIMER: The information presented indicates the general nature and
                  level of work expected of employees in this classification. It is not
                  designed to contain, nor be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory
                  of all
                  duties, responsibilities, qualifications and objectives required of
                  employees assigned to this job.


                  Population/Reproductive Health Advisor Position Opening at World Bank

                  HDNHE is launching an external search for a new Population and
                  Reproductive Health Advisor. The
                  advisor is the Bank's lead expert on population and reproductive
                  issues. Candidates should be
                  recognized and respected experts in the reproductive health field with
                  demonstrated leadership and
                  communication skills. Women and third world country nationals are
                  particularly encouraged to apply.

                  For more information contact:

                  Mary Amanda Reinauer (mreinauer@...)


                  o Science Applications International Corporation - Associate Safety
                  Reliability Engineer (Texas)

                  Salary: Open
                  Location: Houston , TX
                  Type: Full Time (Entry Level) Education: 4 Year Degree
                  Notes: The specified education level is required for consideration

                  Job Description

                  Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) Dept:

                  1) Responsible for maintaining hardware and software certification
                  of station GFE manifested for each Station Mission.

                  2) Responsible for developing/coordinating process and procedures for
                  safety and reliability certification.

                  3) Responsible for making technical presentations to Shuttle and
                  program management.

                  4) Responsible for understanding methodology and process for
                  Safety, Reliability and certification process for GFE Reliability:
                  a) Assist in performing analyses on assigned subsystems in order to
                  system reliability/maintainability; determine critical failure modes,
                  otherwise assist in producing reliable/maintainable equipment.
                  b) Assist in reliability/maintainability test planning activities,
                  such as
                  component screening, reliability demonstration, reliability
                  tests and part of system qualification tests.
                  c) Assist in evaluating reliability/maintainability and qualification
                  d) Assist in component evaluation and application studies.
                  e) Conduct reliability/maintainability-screening tests.
                  f) Participate in failure and repair analysis work on parts and
                  e) Assist in the collection analysis and maintenance of
                  histories from laboratory and field tests.

                  5) Safety:
                  a) Perform hazard analyses. Ensure hazard cause identified, hazard
                  are established and controls verified. Identify risk reduction
                  b) Document safety and reliability analyses on appropriate risk
                  c) Follow hardware through design phase to ensure risk reductions are
                  d) Follow hardware from the design phase through hardware

                  Job Requirements


                  B.S. degree or equivalent in Mechanical/AeroSpace/Electrical
                  Engineering or
                  related Engineering field.

                  Required Skills:

                  Entry level to 1 year engineering experience. Strong communications
                  presentation skills. Must be proficient in MS Office, especially
                  Access and

                  Company Information


                  >From Science...To Solutions

                  A diversified high-technology research and engineering company based
                  in San
                  Diego, California, Science Applications International Corporation
                  offers a broad range of expertise in technology development and
                  computer system development and integration, technical support
                  and computer hardware and software products. SAIC scientists and
                  work to solve complex technical problems in the areas of Energy-Oil &
                  Energy-Utilities, Environment, Health Care, Law Enforcement, Maritime,
                  National Security, Space, Telecommunications, and Transportation.

                  Founded by Dr. J.R. Beyster and a small group of scientists in 1969,
                  a Fortune 500 Company, now ranks as the largest employee-owned
                  research and
                  engineering firm in the nation. SAIC and its subsidiaries have more
                  41,000 employees with offices in over 150 cities worldwide.


                  SAIC performs $400 Million of research and development activities
                  >From simulations that increase production, to neural networks that
                  21st Century automation, the future is right here. Here are just a few
                  technologies we develop: Advanced Technologies, Supercomputing, High
                  Performance Knowledge, Autonomous Vehicles, Neural Networks and Fleet

                  Now the company is using the latest networking technology to help
                  commercial and government clients secure their data and solve Year
                  challenges. SAIC's health care systems improve the quality of health
                  and the productivity of health care providers through automated
                  care systems. Globally, SAIC provides state-of-the-art information
                  technology to British Petroleum and the Venezuelan oil company
                  PetrĂ³leos de
                  Venezuela, S.A.


                  Dr. J. Robert Beyster, SAIC's founder and chief executive officer,
                  the success of the company to its employee ownership. The hallmark of
                  through the years has been the principle that "those who contribute
                  to the
                  company should own it, and ownership should be commensurate with
                  contribution and performance as much as feasible." From the start,
                  SAIC was
                  designed for professional people who want to perform superior
                  and technical work, who want to have a stake and a voice in the
                  development and direction, and who expect fair rewards for doing
                  work. SAIC's successful track record demonstrates that employee
                  creates the incentives and the environment for excellence and growth.

                  Our entrepreneurial culture attracts motivated, talented people. SAIC
                  encourages competitive excellence and growth by giving employees the
                  freedom to develop businesses related to their professional interests.
                  Those who take initiative, who think and act like owners, thrive in
                  unique environment.

                  SAIC's environment encourages employees to meet the highest standards
                  quality and ethical conduct, to grow professionally, and to reap the
                  rewards of ownership in a thriving and growing company through:
                  - Workforce Diversity
                  - Training
                  - Employee Ownership
                  - Benefits
                  - Awards and Recognition

                  Thank you for your interest in employment with SAIC and the Safety,
                  Reliability and Quality Assurance contract. Due to State Department
                  restrictions on the export of technical data that is integral to the
                  International Space Station and Space Shuttle programs, only United
                  citizens and Permanent Resident Aliens can be considered for
                  employment. A
                  student, H1-B or other VISA is not satisfactory for employment on this
                  contract. Proof of citizenship or Resident Alien status will be

                  ALL POSITIONS ARE LOCATED:
                  On-site at NASA - Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas
                  Science Applications International Corporation- SAIC
                  Safety, Reliability & Quality Assurance (SR&QA) Contract

                  For more information or to apply online, please go to:


                  BUDGET ANALYST/SENIOR BUDGET ANALYST. The positions are located in the
                  Office of the Chief Financial Officer, Office of Budget and Planning.
                  Budget Analysts are responsible for the formulation, analysis, and
                  execution of the District budget, and serve as the office's primary
                  with agency budget and program staff. Senior Budget Analysts perform
                  additional duties including developing policy and managing processes.
                  [Detailed descriptions are available in Student Career Services.]
                  Qualifications: Budget analysts must have a masters degree in public
                  admin/policy, political science, finance, or related field, or a
                  BS/BA and
                  3 yr of relevant exper. Senior budget analysts must have two yrs of
                  in a budget analysis role for an organization similar in size and
                  complexity. CONTACT: Human Resources, Government of the District of
                  Columbia, 441 Fourth St., NW, Suite 350N, Washington, DC 20001; (202)


                  PROGRAM ASSOCIATES. Large national private foundation located in DC is
                  seeking individuals with an interest in social justice for the
                  position of
                  Program Associate to assist program officers in reviewing grant
                  write proposal recommendations, conduct site visits, evaluate funded
                  and research relevant issues. Requirements: Strong writing skills,
                  excellent research, communication and interpersonal skills; and
                  proficiency; two years of work exper; demonstrated reliability and
                  attention to detail; ability to travel; BS/BA or equiv substantive
                  exper. Writing sample required. SALARY range begins at $33,000. TO
                  Send letter of intent with resume to: Sandra Carpenter, Human
                  Manager, Public Welfare Foundation, 2600 Virginia Ave., Suite 505,
                  Washington, DC 20037; FAX: (202) 625-1206; Email:
                  <sandra@...> NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. Please see web
                  site for
                  a more detailed job description and mission statement:


                  RESEARCH DIRECTOR. Nicholas C. Petris Center on Health Care Markets
                  Consumer Welfare, UC Berkeley. Develop a research agenda on
                  markets and consumer welfare, focusing on access to healthcare
                  services in
                  California, especially of vulnerable populations, and issues related
                  to the
                  healthcare market. Write papers for publication and devise
                  mechanisms for
                  consistent dissemination of Center research work. Edit the Center's
                  papers, and present research at major academic and policy conferences.
                  Possible opportunities for lecturing and teaching in the health policy
                  arena may be presented. Manage Center staff in admin and research
                  services. REQUIREMENTS: Familiarity with all aspects of research:
                  organizing, managing, data, programming, writing, and dissemination
                  information. PhD in economics, health policy, public policy, public
                  health, or related field; evidence of published material and/or
                  health policy research related exper; institutional knowl of
                  systems; and management exper of research support staff and
                  staff desired. TO APPLY: Send cover letter describing interests and
                  qualifications, a CV, six sample publications, and a list of five
                  references to: Nicholas C. Petris Center, School of Public Health,
                  University of California, Berkeley, 2150 Shattuck Ave., Suite 525
                  Berkeley, CA 94720-7830. DEADLINE: January 30, 2001.


                  Environmental Health Specialist (5822-5824). Be involved in
                  of soils and the evaluation of sites for wastewater systems, design
                  inspection of wastewater systems, well construction, public complaint
                  response, swimming pool inspections and other responsibilities
                  designed to
                  protect the public healt of the citizens of Forsyth County, NC.
                  Requirements: Registered as an environmental health specialist
                  by the NC State Board of Sanitarian Examiners; possession of an NC
                  license; BA/BS in an environmental science/health. Salary: $30,659.

                  Human Services Planner/Evaluator II (5099). Provide professional
                  for planning, organizing, coordinating, implementing, managing, and
                  evaluating a variety of programs, projects and activities of the
                  County Infant Mortality Reduction Coalition. Advanced community
                  program development, financial prowess, grant writing, fund
                  marketing and public relations, as well as negotiation and conflict
                  resolution skills. SALARY: $31,948. REQUIREMENTS: Master's degree
                  public or human services admin and one year of exper in human service
                  program planning or admin. Prefer strong background in fundraising and
                  fiscal management.

                  Coordinator Health Services (5164). Assess, plan, supervise, and
                  manage the
                  health promotion/disease prevention section of the Forsyth County
                  Department. This includes strategic planning for comprehensive
                  intervention programs in Forsyth County aimed at modifiable risk
                  behaviors - tobacco, physical inactivity, and nutrition. Supervise
                  professional staff in disease prevention/management, health
                  promotion, and
                  HIV/STD prevention, education, and outreach. Also utilize grantwriting
                  skills. SALARY: $38,085. REQUIREMENTS: Masters degree in public
                  health or
                  related field with 3 to 5 yrs exper in health promotion and/or
                  health/nutrition education. Valid NC driver's license.

                  Forsyth County Health Department, 8 W. Third Street, Suite 525,
                  Winston-Salem, NC 27101; or call (336) 727-2851. Applications can be
                  at web site: <www.co.forsyth.nc.us>


                  Princeton University: Visiting Fellow
                  Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs The Center
                  International Studies (CIS) at Princeton University, USA, invites
                  applications for Visiting Fellowships for the academic year 2001-
                  2002. The
                  CIS will award eight to ten fellowships to college and university
                  and professionals interested in contributing to research and writing
                  international relations and development. Applicants should have a
                  or professional postgraduate degree and may not be in the process of
                  writing a dissertation. Deadline: December 15, 2000 for fellowships
                  starting September 2001. Recipients will be notified by March 16,
                  For information on CIS, see website at:

                  To request information on CIS Visiting Fellowships and an application
                  send e-mail to pzimmer@... and be sure to include your
                  mailing address. Also applications at:



                  Congress has directed the National Institutes of Health to establish a
                  center to study health disparities among the nation's minority
                  The House approved the bill by voice, sending it to the president for
                  signature. The Senate passed it earlier. The National Center on
                  Health and Health Disparities is to coordinate minority health
                  research and information and to identify areas where NIH studies into
                  minority health problems are insufficient. The bill is S.1880 and is
                  available at for viewing at <http://thomas.loc.gov>

                  Source: Associated Press

                  The Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health and Bioethics
                  Institute, in collaboration with the U.S. National Institutes of
                  (NIH), Department of Clinical Bioethics, is pleased to announce the
                  availability of a new one year training program in research ethics for
                  scientists from the developing world. The fellowship will provide
                  for scientists to study bioethics and research ethics, and also to
                  an independent project in their home country related to research

                  We apologize for the extremely short notice, as applications for the
                  fellowship that starts in January are due this coming 15 November (or
                  soon as possible
                  thereafter, but you must notify us your intent to apply by then if you
                  cannot get your application in by 15 Nov.). There will be another
                  of applications next year however, so this message can also serve to
                  you to
                  the next year's program. The fellowships last for one year, and
                  consist of
                  six months training at Johns Hopkins followed by an independent
                  project in
                  your home country. Attached is information as well as the application
                  the Fellowship to this message, but you can also access it through
                  the web
                  site per the instructions below.

                  <http://www.med.jhu.edu/bioethics_institute/> If you do not see a
                  link to
                  the application form right away, click on "Research", then scroll
                  down to
                  and click on "International Research Ethics", then scroll down to and
                  on "Training in International Research Ethics". You will find more
                  information about the program there as well as a link to the
                  application form.


                  Maternal Child Health Technical Advisor
                  Hanoi, VIETNAM
                  DOW seeks MCH Technical Advisor for a project to strengthen maternal
                  child health care services for ethnic minorities in mountainous
                  region of
                  Vietnam. The position will be Hanoi-based with regular field visits to
                  carry out baseline assessments and provide technical assistance
                  improving the accessibility, delivery and quality of safe motherhood
                  services and key child health interventions. Qualifications: Public
                  degree and 5-7 years of technical field experience in designing,
                  implementing and managing safe motherhood and/or child survival
                  programs in
                  a rural developing country setting, including health worker training,
                  training assessment and applied quantitative and qualitative research.
                  Clinical training; knowledge of reproductive health; experience in
                  Southeast Asia (especially with ethnic minorities) preferred. Cover
                  letter and C.V. to MCH-Vietnam Search, Doctors of the World, 375 West
                  Broadway, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10012. Fax: 212-226-7026 by email:
                  duganm@... and fabell@.... Ref: Vietnam Search.
                  November 20, 2000.

                  Country Director, Pristina, Kosovo

                  Doctors of the World USA seeks experienced public health professional
                  lead field office in Kosovo. Position entails project oversight;
                  with funders, other NGOs and UN agencies; oversight of all personnel,
                  finances and security. Requires: Several years field experience at a
                  management level, MPH or equivalent, experience in health programming,
                  experience with project proposals, reporting and evaluation. MD or
                  clinical background a strong plus. Send CV and cover letter to: CD
                  Doctors of the World, 375 West Broadway, New York, NY 10012. Fax
                  226-7026. Email: duganm@...

                  Community Mental Health Project Director, Pristina, Kosovo

                  Doctor's of the world seeks experienced project director for effort
                  at re-integrating children with special needs into the community.
                  Experience needed in project management, programs for severely
                  children; liaise with funding agencies/organizations; financial and
                  personnel management.
                  Requires: LCSW/MSW/MPH or equivalent. Experience of 3 -5 years in
                  management. Preferred: Experience in Balkan region or post conflict
                  familiarity with foster care systems. Send CV and cover letter to:
                  broeckc@... or fax to (212) 226-7026.

                  Mental Health Expert, Shtime, Kosovo

                  Doctors of the World USA seeks a Mental Health Expert for its
                  De-Institutionalization of Children with Special Needs Project in
                  Responsible for design/implementation of training program for health
                  non-health professionals; supervision of caretakers/nurses for group
                  residence; coordination with local mental health experts and local
                  authorities. Requires: social sciences/health degree; 5+ years
                  in de-institutionalization of children of special needs; facility in
                  politically complex situations; fluent English, patience and
                  Overseas experience a plus. Assignment is 6 months in length, to
                  winter 2000/2001. Send CV and cover to: duganm@... or fax to

                  Maternal Child Health Senior Advisor (Consultant), New York, NY

                  Senior level public health professional sought to provide targeted
                  technical assistance to HQ staff and field offices to enhance agency
                  capacity in executing MCH projects. Commitment would entail field
                  assessment of existing MCH projects in four countries; technical
                  to agency MCH working group; and workshops for HQ staff in
                  development of
                  monitoring & evaluation frameworks based on best practices for
                  maternal and child health interventions. Position is part time and
                  - ideal for academic/consultant. Qualifications: Senior specialist
                  Maternal and Child Health; Public Health degree; 10 + years
                  experience in
                  MCH at policy and field level; experience with project design,
                  and monitoring; experience with USAID and other bilateral donors.
                  Preferred: Academic position in public health, previous experience as
                  senior technical advisor; and clinical background. Salary
                  with experience/salary history. Send CV and cover to MCH-HQ search,
                  Doctors of the World USA, 375 West Broadway, New York, NY 10012, or
                  to fabell@... and duganm@.... Fax: (212) 226-7026.


                  Betty H. Addison, M.S.
                  Director, Student Career Services
                  Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
                  (410) 955-3034; FAX: (410) 614-7251
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