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  • Kristi Henderson
    Monire, mose! Greetings from the backwoods of a small, dusty, forgotten corner of Texas...in the local language, Howdy! This little gem of technology is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 7, 1999
      Monire, mose!
      Greetings from the backwoods of a small, dusty, forgotten corner of
      Texas...in the local language, "Howdy!"
      This little gem of technology is great! Yewo Chomene to Deb and Rand for
      getting this started, making us aware of it, and helping all of us stay
      Well, for all of you who gave me a hard time for being from little ol'
      Buna (and Texas in general...), you're going to love this. Not only am
      I living in Buna, but I also bought a house here 10 months ago. Being a
      homeowner is weird enough, but being a homeowner in Buna is just down
      right scary! Wait, it gets even better. Y'all just thought Buna was
      small...I'm teaching in a town (and I use that word liberally) that is
      twenty-five miles from Buna. We have about 140 students in the high
      school and about 180 in the middle school (grades 6-8). Hickville,
      U.S.A.! It may be a tiny, backwards, under-developed, (gosh, this is
      sounding familiar!) close-minded community, but I am really enjoying my
      time here in spite if that. I guess I am used. There's a real sense of
      community here in Deweyville, and my colleagues have made me feel at
      I teach 7th and 8th grade science, and I'm having a blast with it. I
      am also coaching middle school volleyball, high school girls'
      basketball, and high school girls' track. Coaching basketball is my
      passion...even more so than teaching. I have no life outside of school
      during basketball season, and sleep has become a very appreciated
      commodity. We often have to travel as far as an hour and a half one way
      to play some of our district games. But at least the transportation is
      reliable, and no chickens are allowed on board.
      As many of you are saying, I too am missing Malawi too much. I often
      have dreams in which I return to Mpherembe. Weird. I wake up half
      terrified - afraid that the dream may be reality, and half homesick
      because it isn't reality.
      What I miss most is talking to people. I mean, real, honest,
      meanigful, productive conversations...without the distractions of the
      television and telephone. Is this due to where I live, or do y'all find
      this to be true among your peers and counterparts as well? Surely
      there's a support group somewhere...
      All in all, rife is good. In fact, rife is Great. I'm looking
      forward to the Vegas reunion... it'll be one last fling before the next
      school year starts up. Peace to all.
      Khalani makola
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