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FW: PHEP-NET: CDC job opening in Colorado

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  • Bell, Elizabeth
    ... From: Canfield, John [mailto:QZC6@CDC.GOV] Sent: Friday, November 03, 2000 1:23 PM To: CDC-HEALTHED@LISTSERV.CDC.GOV Subject: PHEP-NET: CDC job opening in
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      Subject: PHEP-NET: CDC job opening in Colorado

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      > From: Lackey, Cheryl
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      > Subject: CDC job opening in Colorado
      > For posting on the PHEP-NET website. thanks.
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      > POSITION: Health Communications Specialist GS-1001 -12/13
      > OPENING DATE: 11/3/00
      > CLOSING DATE: 11/30/00
      > (Applications must be received or postmarked
      > by the closing date; however, postmarked
      > applications must be received in Human
      > Resources Management Office within 5 days of
      > the closing date.)
      > (If filled at the GS-12 level, position has promotion
      > potential to GS-13.) Please indicate the grade(s) for
      > which you wish to be considered. You will only be
      > considered for the grade(s) for which you indicate an
      > interest.
      > SALARY: GS-12, $50,139 - 65,179 per annum GS-13, $59,623 - 77,507 per
      > annum
      > TYPE OF APPOINTMENT: Permanent / Full-time
      > LOCATION: National Center for Infectious Diseases, Division of
      > Vector-Borne Infectious Diseases
      > (DVBID), Office of the Director, Fort Collins, CO
      > WHO MAY APPLY:
      > U.S. Citizens; no previous Federal experience or tenure required. Apply
      > for: DE2-01-087
      > Current or former competitive service Federal employees with permanent
      > tenure. Current
      > Commissioned Corps; candidates for employment programs such as 30%
      > disabled
      > veterans, Persons with Disabilities, and ICTAP eligibles. Preference
      > eligibles or veterans
      > who have been separated from the armed forces under honorable conditions
      > after 3 years
      > or more of continuous active service may apply.
      > Apply for:
      > MP2-01-087
      > DUTIES:
      > The incumbent exercises responsibility for the development, production,
      > dissemination, and evaluation of information and materials that support
      > DVBID's communication objectives. Utilizes CDC's communications goals and
      > objectives, primary and secondary research sources, need assessments, and
      > social marketing expertise to identify information gaps/needs and
      > communication opportunities; identifies and defines target audiences for
      > communication efforts and activities; and works with DVBID internal staff
      > and external partners in developing program-specific communications
      > materials and plans that include goals and objectives, target audiences,
      > message strategies and messages, media and message-delivery strategies,
      > promotion and message-dissemination strategies and tactics, and evaluation
      > methods. Collaborates with subject matter experts, to develop, design, and
      > evaluate educational information on vector-borne infectious diseases to
      > reach selected community, state, regional, and national audiences through
      > a wide variety of media. Serves as Project Officer on contracts,
      > cooperative agreements, and other health-related activities. Develops and
      > coordinates scopes of work and time lines to ensure contract conformance
      > with program objectives; writes descriptions of anticipated tasks; reviews
      > budget estimates; monitors the contractor's or grantee's performance for
      > adherence to work specifications; and identifies problem areas and makes
      > recommendations for corrective action.
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