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FW: Human Rights Fellowship

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  • Bell, Elizabeth
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 12, 2000
      >From: Mary Beth Mills <memills@...>
      >Subject: Human Rights Fellowship
      >I hope you may be able to assist me in disseminating
      >the followingannouncement.
      >I would like to bring to your attention our annual
      >search for the
      >Oak Human Rights Fellow for the 2001-2002 academic
      >year. The fellowship
      >is a one semester (Sept.-Dec.)appointment as a
      >scholar-in-residence at the
      >College. It is designed for human rights professionals
      >doing on-the-ground
      >work at personal risk. Its purpose is to provide them
      >a respite from
      >front line duties and enable them to communicate their
      >work to the campus
      >community. The search for the Fall 2001 Oak Fellow is
      >focusing in the
      > Nominations should be forward either to me or to
      >the Associate Director, Eliza Denoeux at the contact
      >informationlisted below.
      > If you have any questions, you could access our web
      >page at
      >www.colby.edu/oak or contact us at oakhr@....
      > You should also feel free to post this announcement
      >distribution or to send it to anyone who might be
      >interested or who might
      >know of deserving candidates for the fellowship.
      > Thank you in advance for any assistance you might
      >Mary Beth MillsDirector
      >OAK HUMAN RIGHTS FELLOWSHIP2001 Focus: Gender and
      >International Human Rights
      >The Oak Institute for the Study of International Human
      >Rights at Colby
      >College is soliciting nominations for the Oak Human
      >Rights Fellowship for
      >the fall of 2001.
      >The Oak Fellowship offers an opportunity for prominent
      >practitioners in
      >international human rights to take a sabbatical leave
      >from their work and
      >spend a semester (September - December 2001) as a
      >scholar-in-residence at
      >the College. This provides the Fellow time for
      >reflection, research, and
      >writing. Following the period of the award, it is
      >expected that the Fellow
      >will return to her or his human rights work. For the
      >fall of 2001, the Oak
      >Institute seeks a practitioner in the field of gender
      >and international
      >human rights. Possible areas of interest include but
      >are not limited to:
      >the international sex trade, domestic violence, women
      >and labor rights,
      >rape as a form of war crime, struggles related to
      >orientation, among others. We especially encourage
      >applications from
      >those who are currently or were recently involved in
      >"on-the-ground" work
      >at some level of personal risk.
      >The Oak Fellow's responsibilities include some
      >collaborative teaching with
      >members of the Colby Faculty, ongoing meetings with
      >student discussion
      >groups, and assistance in shaping a lecture series
      >associated with the
      >Fellow's area of expertise. The Fellow is also
      >expected to participate in
      >the intellectual life of the campus to enable our
      >students to work and
      >study with a professional in the field.
      >The Fellow will receive a stipend and College fringe
      >benefits plus
      >round-trip transportation from the Fellow's home site,
      >housing for a
      >family, use of a car, and meals on campus. The Fellow
      >will also receive
      >research support, including office space, secretarial
      >support, computer
      >and library facilities and a student research
      >Nominations for the Oak Fellowship for the fall 2001
      >semester should be
      >sent to Professor Mary Beth Mills, Anthropology
      >Department, Colby College,
      >Waterville, Maine 04901 (fax: 207-872-3474 / 3752;
      >oakhr@...; phone 207-872-3813/3683). NOTE:
      >Completed applications
      >from nominees must arrive no later than January 10,
      >2001. Please ensure
      >that nominations reach the Institute with sufficient
      >time for us to
      >forward applications to nominees and for nominees to
      >meet the application
      >deadline. More information - including APPLICATION
      >FORM- is available on
      >the Institute's Web site at http://www.colby.edu/oak.
      >We plan to announce the final selection by March 30,
      >2001.Mary Beth Mills
      >Associate Professor of Anthropology andDirector, Oak
      >Institute for the Study
      > of International Human RightsColby
      >CollegeWaterville, ME 04901
      >Tel: 207-872-3813/3683Fax: 207-872-3474email: memills@...
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