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FW: Peace Corps Training Project in Senegal, West Africa

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  • Bell, Elizabeth
    ***Please do not reply to this message. If interested or have questions please contact Neil Shouba: NeilShouba@chpinternational.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2000
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      FW: help

      ***Please do not reply to this message. If interested or have questions please contact Neil ShoubaNeilShouba@... ********


       CHP International is searching for Public Health Technical Trainers for our
      Peace Corps Training Project in Senegal, West Africa.  Could you please
      assist us in our search by making the information below available to
      Returned Peace Corps Volunteers or others with relevant skills associated
      with your institution?

      We intend to hire two Health Trainers due to the number of Trainees in this
      cycle.  Trainers will spend three months preparing PCTs to help improve
      overall community health in underserved rural districts in Senegal by
      building Health Ministry and community capacities in health education,
      promotion, and prevention programs.  Priority training topics include:
      malaria prevention, diarrheal diseases prevention, immunization,
      pre-/post-natal care, family planning, and HIV/STD prevention.  Candidates
      should have at least two years' experience addressing these health areas in
      West Africa, and should demonstrate continuing interest in health issues
      (through advanced academic work in a health-related field or additional work
      experience in a health related field).  Candidates should also be proficient
      in French and have experience training or teaching adults.  Compensation
      includes: salary commensurate with experience, meals, housing,
      transportation, short-term medical insurance, and reimbursement for certain
      pre-departure inoculations.  Employment is Sept. 8 - Dec. 23, 2000.
      Candidates should contact me (resumes and references are required for
      consideration) by e-mail NeilShouba@... or by phone
      (800.449.2614).  CHP International actively seeks to benefit from the
      various perspectives and talents of a racially and culturally diverse staff.

      I would also welcome your recommendations of qualified candidates whom I
      should contact.  Thank you.

      Very truly yours,
      Neil Shouba

      CHP International, Inc.
      1040 North Blvd., Suite 220
      Oak Park, IL 60301
      Tel 708.848.3191
      Fax 708.848.3191

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