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FW: Africa Positions Open

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  • Bell, Elizabeth
    keep in mind there s a good reason why there are lots of openings in nigeria. i would recommend positions in kano and abuja over lagos etc...
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 1999
      keep in mind there's a good reason why there are lots of openings in

      i would recommend positions in kano and abuja over lagos etc...

      > -----Original Message-----
      > From: A. Kirk Dohne [SMTP:kdohne@...]
      > Sent: Wednesday, March 03, 1999 5:00 PM
      > Subject: Africa Positions Open
      > You are receiving this email because you have, in the past, shown an
      > interest in working for U.S. Agency for International Development. XL has
      > previously sent to you open positions within OFDA. XL now has a contract
      > with the Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI), a sister office of OFDA
      > within USAID. We would like to share opportunities within OTI with you.
      > OTI currently has SEVEN positions open in Nigeria.
      > If you are interested in the positions described below and consider
      > yourself suitable to the tasks and qualifications of the position please
      > contact XL Associates by replying to this email or calling Jesse Freese or
      > Kirk Dohne at (301) 770-0090. The closing date for this opportunity is
      > ****As soon as the positions are filled**** More information about OTI
      > and
      > these positions may be found at http://www.xla.com/oti or by replying to
      > this email. Salary range is $45,236 to $82,638 but is flexible.
      > Referrals of other qualified candidates are welcome and encouraged.
      > NOTE: If you do not want to receive OTI position announcements in the
      > future please reply to this email with the phrase "Unsubscribe".
      > --------------------------------------------------------------------
      > The following positions in Nigeria are available with OTI. Please call
      > Kirk
      > or Jesse at 800-844-0090 or get more information and an application from
      > http://www.xla.com/oti or send email to oti@...
      > 1. National Program Coordinator/Southwest Regional Coordinator (Lagos)
      > 2. Delta Pilot Program Coordinator/South Regional Coordinator (Port
      > Harcourt or Enugu)
      > 3. Government Liaison/DG specialist/Middle Belt Regional Coordinator
      > (Abuja)
      > 4. North Regional Coordinator (Kano)
      > 5. Civil/Military specialist (Abuja)
      > 6. Private sector specialist/economist (Lagos)
      > 7. Media/Lobby/Motivation specialist (Lagos)
      > One year renewable contracts. Until such time as PSCs are fielded, OTI
      > will fill these positions with qualified TDYers.
      > The three sectoral specialists will work in all regions of the country,
      > based in Lagos or Abuja as appropriate.
      > Nigerian staff will be hired as counterparts. Job assignments will be
      > shared by expatriate and Nigerian personnel. Full responsibilities may
      > be
      > transferred from expatriate to Nigerian staff when appropriate.
      > OTI may employ additional expatriate TDYers or Nigerian specialists, as
      > the need for expertise arises.
      > Thanks for your time,
      > Kirk Dohne
      > ___________________
      > Kirk Dohne
      > XL Associates, Inc.
      > 301-770-0090
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