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Malawi article from The Guardian

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  • Weber
    One very last article that I found yesterday and have to send. It s very human and it s Malawi. This is all I promise. I won t need to send more.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9, 2000
      One very last article that I found yesterday and have to send. It's very human and it's Malawi.  This is all I promise.  I won't need to send more.  http://www.guardianunlimited.co.uk/international/story/0,,341111,00.html
      Below I have a list to send to friends who have asked what to do.  Can any of you add to it?  Elizabeth Bell, I thought maybe you'd have some good resources.
      I haven't been able to find any good list of charities and NGOs working with HIV/AIDS in developing countries. It's funny even these that I've included say little or nothing on their web pages about their AIDS work except Glasser which says it in their name.  But, for those of you who asked here are a few I know of that seem reliable.  If making a donation for most you should designate that it's for international AIDS programs.
      U.S. Fund for UNICEF
                          333 East 38th Street
                          New York, NY 10016
                          E-mail: webmaster@...
      Doctors Without Borders
           6 East 39th Street, 8th Floor
           New York, NY 10016
           toll free: 1-888-392-0392
      Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
           1311 Colorado Ave.
           Santa Monica, CA 90404
           (310) 395-9051
           E-mail: info@...
      USAID's U.S. (Agency for International Development) Displaced Children and Orphans Fund supports Save the Children's COPE Program in Malawi, which has become a model for community-based support and protection programs for vulnerable children, especially children orphaned or otherwise affected by HIV/AIDS
       Save the Children COPE Program
                     Att: Donor Services
                     54 Wilton Road
                     Westport, CT 06880
      In many ways it may be more effective to write letters so the government will authorize the kind of spending necessary to fund the all out campaign needed.  Just a simple one or two sentences supporting increased spending will do.  Also, you could encourage the government to work with drug companies in order to make medicines realistically available  available.  Or even write to drug companies to take more humanitarian positions.  Unfortunately I forget the name of the company in Germany that has offered to supply free, to any developing nation that asks, the drugs necessary to treat all pregnant mothers to prevent transmission of HIV to their babies.  They deserve thanks.
      President William Clinton
      The White House
      Washington, DC 20510
      e-mail  president@...
      Vice-President Al Gore
      The Whitehouse
      Washington, DC 20500
      tel 1-202-456-1414 fax 1-202-456-2461
      VICE.PRESIDENT@...   (I think this might be lower case...copied it from a funny web site and had a great deal of trouble finding an e mail address for him at all.  I think I have used the presidents in lower case)
       Senators (you can find out your Senator's specific address and e-mail at this site or use the generic address below
       Senate Office Building
       Washington, DC 20510
      Representatives (as in Senators)
      House Office Building
      Washington, DC 20510
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