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Re: [ujeni] Zim news

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  • varsha ghosh
    It s happened to the best of us...upsetting yes, but it s okay as long as it s limited to a few certain issues--v. ... From: Mark Holland
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 12, 2000
      It's happened to the best of us...upsetting yes, but it's okay as long as
      it's limited to a few certain issues--v.

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      Yikes, could it be that I actually AGREE with JESSE HELMS?!


      Christine Chumbler wrote:

      > USA suspends bilateral aid to Zimbabwe
      > "Zimbabwe is in crisis today, and the responsibility for this
      > situation lies at the feet of Mr Mugabe," committee chairman
      > Jesse Helms said in a statement.

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    • Phil & Libby Hooper
      I am no longer at this address. When I have an address, I will contact you; until then please stop the e-mails. Thanks Joanna ... From: Christine Chumbler
      Message 2 of 6 , Aug 2, 2000
        I am no longer at this address. When I have an address, I will contact you;
        until then please stop the e-mails.


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        Subject: [ujeni] Zim news

        > Zimbabwe devalues
        > currency
        > Farm invaders have ruined crops, hurting export
        > revenues
        > Zimbabwe has devalued its currency in an
        > attempt to jump-start its ailing economy.
        > Finance Minister Simba Makoni said the
        > government has decided to set the official
        > exchange rate at 50 Zimbabwean dollars to the
        > US dollar from 38 Zimbabwean dollars
        > previously.
        > The currency had been trading at about 60
        > Zimbabwean dollars on the black market.
        > Mr Makoni said the
        > move was needed to
        > stabilise the economy
        > and to prevent "a
        > massive free fall" in the
        > currency.
        > Inflation is already
        > running at 70%, and a
        > deepening currency
        > crisis would only serve
        > to stoke prices further.
        > The overvalued currency means prices paid to
        > exporters are low, hitting key industries such
        > as tobacco and gold mining.
        > *****
        > Zimbabwe grinds to a
        > halt
        > Opposition support is strong in the cities
        > Business and farm activity across Zimbabwe
        > has been paralysed by a general strike called in
        > protest at what unions see as a collapse of
        > law and order.
        > In the capital, Harare, and in towns across the
        > country most shops and factories remained
        > closed as workers stayed away to observe the
        > strike.
        > The BBC's Grant Ferrett, reporting from outside
        > the capital, said activity on commercial farms
        > there had been brought to a complete
        > standstill, with only essential work going on.
        > The one-day stoppage
        > was called by the
        > powerful Zimbabwe
        > Congress of Trade
        > Unions following months
        > of escalating violence
        > ahead of the recent
        > elections, and
        > continued occupations
        > of white-owned farms by supporters of
        > President Robert Mugabe.
        > The stoppage has won the backing of white
        > commecial farmers and the main opposition
        > Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), who
        > appear to have ignored a threat by war
        > veterans that they would occupy any farms
        > taking part in the strike.
        > Many farmers have received death threats and
        > been told to stop preparing crops over the
        > past few months.
        > The government has condemned the strike
        > action as illegal and has warned that it intends
        > to step up its controversial land resettlement
        > programme.
        > Dissatisfaction
        > Support for the strike in Zimbabwe's urban
        > areas reflects profound dissatisfaction with
        > President Mugabe's government, borne out in
        > recent elections results.
        > By noon, usually bustling car parks and street
        > markets in Harare were virtually deserted.
        > "Everyone around us is out, so we closing too,"
        > said Ian Sibanda, a furniture store manager.
        > "Let's hope the government sees people are
        > serious about this."
        > What was planned as a three-day strike was
        > reduced at the last minute to a one-day
        > action.
        > A union official said the leadership had resolved
        > to limit the stoppage to Wednesday to give
        > the government a chance to respond.
        > "If the government does not respond, we will
        > go on a much longer strike," said acting ZCTU
        > Secretary-General Nicholas Mudzengerere
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