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  • Becky Mueller
    Merhaba, Monire, it s all the same. . . . I can t believe it takes an e-mail club to hear from Choka Kernani, but I m so happy about it, I guess I can forgive
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 1999
      Merhaba, Monire, it's all the same. . . .

      I can't believe it takes an e-mail club to hear from Choka Kernani, but I'm
      so happy about it, I guess I can forgive you, Bill. At least now I have
      your address and can harrass you in private!

      As Pete reported, I am doing well, also living in Turkey (16+ months).
      'Tis true that Pete and I have yet to see each other even though we only
      live 50K apart and I don't have to rely on local transport to go see him. .
      . . someday, Pete, don't worry. I am a civilian employee of the United
      States Air Force as an Exercise Physiologist at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey.
      Working for the government is frustrating no matter where you may be, but
      it has been a great career opportunity. I've learned a lot about the
      military service, and realized yet again that I am too much of a free
      spirit to be shackled by the Air Force. But the perks are great, and I can
      hardly complain! In a nutshell, I put people on exercise programs: people
      in the AF who are forced to "make weight," people in the AF who failed
      their aerobic fitness tests (which I am also in charge of -- the testing
      part), and other people who are not in the AF but want to lose weight, get
      buff, or otherwise improve their health. I am the only person on base
      (Pop. 3500) quailified to do all this, so I am one busy woman! I like my
      job very much and hope to continue on with this, but in a more developed
      country, like Germany. Moving up the development scale is important to me.
      In fact, yesterday I said to myself, "I'm really glad I'm not in Africa
      anymore!" Turkey is like an urban PC experience, except that I make 150
      times more and have my own car!!

      Turkey is a really cool country; I've been lucky to see all parts of it.
      The people are wonderful, if not the world's WORST drivers, and the food is
      fabulous. I, too, have the Carpet Disease, but much worse than Pete.
      Eight and counting, and I don't see an end to it yet! Turkey is rich in
      history, ruins, artifacts, and varying geography. I have enjoyed every
      minute of being here and could probably stay a while longer if needed. For
      now, I plan on being here until this August, at which time my contract is
      up for renewal. Like I said, I have my car here, and all of my own
      household goods. I live in a beautiful apartment (one of the few with
      central heat), many friends my age, and access to the base movie theatre,
      commissary, BX, gym, etc. I have been really lucky and really happy in
      this situation.

      As I was doing my Christmas cards this year, I realized that I had very few
      RPCV addresses. Can we get an address list started, please? Whenever you
      write in, include your address and phone number, and any alternate e-mail
      addresses. As to my side, you can send food or money to:
      PSC 94 Box 907
      APO AE 09824 (regular 32 cent stamp!)


      work e-mail: rebecca.mueller@...

      I am glad to have this group thing going because, as you know, it's hard to
      keep in touch with everyone you want to. I long for the days of having my
      work day free to write letters, go to the market, and read good books. . .
      .this new job of mine gets in the way of my social life!! If you are
      passing through Turkey or just want to come and visit, please do!

      Khalani makola,
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