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Re: [ujeni] Asian question

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  • Paul DEVER
    Touché, away!!! sayeth the turtle...i shall now return to my shell ... From: Rand Wise Reply-To: ujeni@egroups.com To:
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 21, 2000
      Touch�, away!!! sayeth the turtle...i shall now return to my shell

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      From: Rand Wise <wiserd@...>
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      Subject: Re: [ujeni] Asian question
      Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2000 05:55:02 -0400

      White farmers in Zimbabwe were running successful, legal businesses not so
      long ago, too. What is wrong with the argument of the devil's advocate is
      that running a legal business doesn't mean much when there is no
      longstanding tradition of respect for the rule of law. Mugabe doesn't see
      himself as the executor of the laws of Zimbabwe; he sees Zimbabwe as place
      to execute the rule of Mugabe, laws be damned. The political climate in
      Malawi doesn't seem any different to me. So, if you want to call Asians in
      Malawi interlopers you just do it. Arguments about legality and fairness
      and whatever have nothing to do with it. The more I think about it, I keep
      seeing parallels between the Elian case and Zimbabwe. Mugabe has the Brits
      in a spot similar to the one where the Miami Cuban community has Janet Reno.
      In both situations there is a kind of blackmail going on--forcing a choice
      between allowing some yahoos to flaunt the law and using force to uphold the
      law. Britain wants a violent conflict in Zimbabwe as much as Reno wants
      riots in Miami.

      I am impressed with the farmers union and the opposition party in
      Zimbabwe--from everything I've read they have confined their efforts to
      legal avenues and kept the moral high ground. Hopefully the day will come
      when land reform is addressed rationally through due process of law. Until
      then, I hope those on the side of law and reason prevail and at not too dear
      a price.

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