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calling all MUGgers

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  • Bell, Elizabeth
    Chief of Party, Urban Policy/Management New Delhi, India Grade C Contact: Laura Lea Clinton Fax: (404) 577-9418 Email: clintonl@care.org
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 1999
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      Chief of Party, Urban Policy/Management
      New Delhi, India
      Grade C
      Contact: Laura Lea Clinton
      Fax: (404) 577-9418
      Email: clintonl@... <mailto:%20clintonl@...>
      CARE USA is seeking a professional with expertise in the fields of Municipal
      Finance and Urban Infrastructure Development in a developing country setting
      for the position of Chief of Party for a project based in New Delhi, India.
      The project is designed to improve access to water and sanitation services
      by urban residents in selected Indian cities, and to linking improved urban
      infrastructure provision to improved health. It will establish a framework
      for the efficient delivery of urban environmental infrastructure, which will
      provide improved access to basic services by the urban poor.
      The incumbent shall manage a team of 3 professional staff, along with
      support staff and short-term technical assistance professionals. He/she will
      also provide liaison and coordination with a range of individuals and
      institutions ranging from national Government of India agencies, selected
      Indian State Governments, Municipal Officials, Donor Organizations,
      Financial Institutions, Community Based Organizations, Non-Governmental
      Organizations, and related Indian and international professionals to
      accomplish the following program objectives:
      1. Network and coordinate with the individuals and organizations listed
      2. Oversee and supervise the delivery of technical assistance and training
      support including: technical studies, targeted assistance, training programs
      and study tours. This will include the writing of Scopes of Work, the
      identification of providers per donor guidelines, and the execution and
      supervision of contracts to deliver services.
      3. Serve as an active participant in the FIRE Partners team including the
      National Institute for Urban Affairs, the Housing and Urban Development
      Corporation, the Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services Ltd. and the
      Ministry of Urban Affairs and Employment.
      4. Work to advance the policy agenda of the Project in facilitating
      municipal infrastructure provision and financing, demonstrating an
      innovative approach to urban service delivery, and disseminating information
      on approaches and options to a wider audience.
      5. Develop annual Work plans that present the areas of concentration and the
      activities designed to implement them. The Work plans will include the main
      areas of interventions, the specific technical assistance and training
      activities to support them, the outputs expected, the personnel identified
      to carry out the work, the estimated level of effort and the associated
      6. Consolidate and build on progress to date with respect to the four
      municipalities targeted under FIRE I where an initial set of urban
      environmental infrastructure improvement programs was begun, and expand
      these initiatives in up to three additional municipalities.
      7. Build on the national, state, municipal and project-level achievements
      under the FIRE I Project to develop clear guidelines and operational
      criteria for other cities in the development of commercially viable urban
      environmental infrastructure improvement programs.
      8. Develop a training plan/curriculum and sponsor short-term training
      programs on urban management and health improvements, municipal finance,
      project development, and urban environmental management in local and
      regional training institutes.
      9. Write progress reports on all phases of the operation, and ensure Project
      compliance with USAID requirements for budgets, work plans, and required
      The candidate shall have a minimum of ten years experience in Municipal
      Finance and Urban Infrastructure Development involving water and sanitation
      issues in a developing country context. He/she should have at least a
      Master's degree in Urban Planning, Civil Engineering or a related field, and
      significant experience in the design and implementation of infrastructure
      projects. The candidate will have excellent writing skills and will possess
      the ability to network with a variety of constituents. The ideal candidate
      will also have experience in the implementation of USAID projects and
      previous experience working in India.
      position description url: http://www.care.org/jobs/misc.html
      application info url: http://www.care.org/jobs/apply.html
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