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Re: [ujeni] Rebel-Free Diamonds

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  • Paul Dever
    Reply to: RE [ujeni] Rebel-Free Diamonds If we all knew and understood the history of the DeBeers Diamond Company and its founding, there would not be a way
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2000
      Reply to: RE>[ujeni] Rebel-Free Diamonds
      If we all knew and understood the history of the DeBeers Diamond Company
      and its founding, there would not be a way to purchase PC diamonds...

      One rebel group is substituted by another....if put into perspective....

      Date: 3/6/00 6:16 AM
      To: Custodian
      From: ujeni@onelist.com
      From: Kristen Cheney <kcheney@...>

      Any of you folks soon getting married might appreciate having one of these
      politically-correct gems...


      >AFRICA: De Beers guarantee "rebel free" diamonds
      >The South African diamond giant, De Beers said this week that its raw
      >are to carry a guarantee that they are not being used to fund rebel groups
      >fighting in Africa. De Beers said in a statement that its invoices would
      >certify that none of its diamonds had been bought in breach of a
      >outlawing the purchase of diamonds from rebel fighters.
      >In the statement the company said that the guarantee would be introduced
      >from 27 March. It would state: "The intake of diamonds being purchased by
      >Beers and its associated companies and being sold into the market through
      >the sight system does not include any diamonds which come from any area in
      >Africa controlled by forces rebelling against the legitimate and
      >internationally recognised government of the relevant country."
      >The move has been described as a "very welcome" development by the
      >London-based NGO, Global Witness.
      >Johannesburg, 3 March 14:00 GMT

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