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Re: looking for vyrle or rosemary

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  • Vyrle Owens
    26 Feb 2000 Dear all, Varsha found me. Did anyone find Rosemary? If so I would be grateful to receive a contact point, e-mail or address or whatever. Also, I
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 26, 2000
      26 Feb 2000

      Dear all,

      Varsha found me. Did anyone find Rosemary? If so I would be grateful to
      receive a contact point, e-mail or address or whatever.

      Also, I was looking for Josephine Katenga. I thought she was in Wisconsin,
      but maybe elsewhere. Let me know where she is if you know.


      Also thanks to everyone for the "Imfa Sithawika" translation. It was
      useful to me and helped me to elaborate in a presentation I recently made
      about living and traveling in Africa.

      Also, great letters from Karl Klemmick and Kristi Henderson. Keep the news

      A little update on Dolly and I and the family. I finally finished 1999, I
      think. Josh was home for a few weeks after the fall term at college,
      preparing to study in New Zealand. He is now in Canterbury, New Zealand,
      continuing his studies: Land and Water Engineering and Bio Sciences of
      some kind.

      Evangelina is at the College of the Redwoods studying zoology.

      Dolly and I are recovering from the "flu." Karl, I have experienced ('had'
      is too gentle a word to describe the journey through dengue-fever-land)
      dengue fever. It was not pleasant. It was an experience. But, this past
      month's bout of "flu" was truly a new experience. I have not been so flat
      on my back, short of breath, no appetite, runny nose, coughing all the
      time, hot and cold, sick, ever. And then lo and behold after 4-5 weeks of
      feeling like I belonged in another world, I begin to feel better, followed
      by working too hard and excruciating lower back pain. Maybe the first
      several weeks of the millenium were intended to be some kind of physical
      and mental twilight zone.

      Of course the flu seems to follow no set pattern, being individualized to
      cause each of us to feel miserable in a different way. Dolly's was
      bronchitis. Fortunately she also is much better. If only the Oregon rain
      would be gone and the sun would come out.

      I guess I have been spoiled by too much sunshine in Africa.

      Intermingled with my tour of misery and discomfort, I did complete training
      as a "Parent/Adolescent Mediator." I am enjoying my community mediation
      work (as a volunteer) handling two or three cases a month in my spare time.
      Very interesting and usually rewarding. Right now our mediator group is
      training 24 additional mediators. All are volunteers. We find we need to
      keep recruiting as the volunteer source of mediators is a bit variable.
      Some people stay with the program for awhile. Others change interests, or
      move, or find it was not really their "cup-of-tea."

      Enough for now. Y'all stay well,


      > From: varsha ghosh <varshaghosh@...>
      > To: ujeni@onelist.com
      > Subject: [ujeni] looking for vyrle or rosemary
      > Date: Tuesday, 25 January, 2000 12:02 PM
      > From: "varsha ghosh" <varshaghosh@...>
      > This message is for Vyrle--
      > Could you please get in touch with me as soon as
      > possible--varshaghosh@... or 617-496-9129(w)? Thanks
      > And does anybody have a phone number for Rosemary Traore or email
      > Thank you and I hope you are all doing well. ---Varsha
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