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Petition to Reverse UC Affirmative Action Ban

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  • Kristen Cheney
    From: DefendAffAction@aol.com Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2000 23:16:33 EST Subject: SIGN THE PETITION to Reverse the Ban on Affirmative Action in the UC System To:
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2000
      From: DefendAffAction@...
      Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2000 23:16:33 EST
      Subject: SIGN THE PETITION to Reverse the Ban on Affirmative Action in the UC
      To: DefendAffAction@...
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      Please sign the petition shown below the dashed line AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (you
      must sign it on the Internet, and it's simple to do) and forward this message
      to all individuals and e-mail groups you know MAY be interested in signing.

      Recent developments show that we are close to winning the reversal of the ban
      on affirmative action in the UC (University of California) system! (The
      petition below explains why this is very important.) On Jan. 28, 2000, UC
      Regent William Bagley announced in the San Francisco Chronicle that he is
      gearing up a campaign to get them to reverse the ban; on Jan. 31, UC Regent
      and Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamente wrote an opinion piece to the LA
      Times calling on the regents to reverse the ban; and on Feb. 2, the San
      Francisco Chronicle called for reversal in its editorial.

      In addition to the petition campaign, we are organizing further
      demonstrations at UC Regents' meetings and days of action such as the
      February 24, 2000 Statewide Day of Action to Reverse the Ban on Affirmative
      Action in the UC System, which is part of a National Day of Action in Defense
      of Integration and Affirmative Action. (Contact BAMN for more info or to

      Many thanks to the thousands of you who have already signed the petition.


      ( please sign online at http://www.bamn.com/reversetheban.htm )

      -- The UC Regents' decision to eliminate affirmative action at the University
      of California in the summer of 1995 was the trigger-point of the attack on
      affirmative action in higher education across the country. That attack has
      grown into a nationwide attempt to reverse the 1954 Brown v. Board of
      Education US Supreme Court decision outlawing segregation in public schools
      and to reverse all the progress toward integration and equality achieved by
      the civil rights struggles of the 1950's and 1960's.
      -- The Regents' 1995 decision was a grave mistake; it has dramatically
      narrowed educational opportunity for black, Latino and other underrepresented
      minority students in California and has helped set in motion a very
      destructive, racist political process across America.
      -- A California Superior Court Judge has ruled that Proposition 209 does not
      prohibit affirmative action for the purpose of equalizing educational
      opportunities--so the reversal of the ban on affirmative action could have a
      direct effect on stopping the resegregation of the UC system.
      -- Reversing the ban on affirmative action in the UC system would send a
      powerful message across the country that the attack on affirmative action and
      integration is a historic mistake, that it must not continue, and that it
      must be reversed.
      -- The Regents' ban on affirmative action has hurt the reputation of the UC
      system. Increasingly, some of California's most talented black and Latino
      students leave California to enroll in other universities rather than attend
      campuses where the Regents have told them they are not wanted.
      -- UC Regent William Bagley is attempting to get the 1995 ban reversed by the
      regents and is confident this is possible. But Regent Bagley's effort needs
      public support and pressure on Governor Gray Davis and other regents to stand
      up now and do the right thing.

      ( please sign online at http://www.bamn.com/reversetheban.htm )


      If your organization, union, student or community group would like to endorse
      the petition, please notify us of this as well. (A list of endorsers of the
      Reverse the Ban petition is below.)

      If you would like this petition in Microsoft Word 97 or Acrobat Reader format
      so that you can print out and circulate a hard copy, please send your request
      to DefendAffAction@... .

      Thank you!


      The following is a partial list of the organizations and individuals who have
      signed on to the petition demanding the reversal of the ban on affirmative
      action in the UC system:

      San Francisco Central Labor Council, Sacramento Central Labor Council, Orange
      County Central Labor Council, SEIU (Service Employees International Union)
      Local 250, University Professional and Technical Employees (UPTE-CWA) Local
      1, Associated Students of the University of California at Berkeley (ASUC),
      Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) at Sacramento State University, UC-Berkeley
      Chancellor Robert Berdahl, former UCB Chancellor Chang-Lin Tien, UCSF
      Chancellor Michael Bishop, UCLA Director of Admissions Rae Lee Siporin,
      Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action By Any Means Necessary (BAMN),
      Revolutionary Workers League, Glide Memorial Church in S.F., Chinese for
      Affirmative Action (CAA), UC-Berkeley Cal Democrats, UC-Berkeley NAACP,
      UC-Berkeley African American Theme House council, the UC-Berkeley Oscar Wilde
      House council (lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender theme house), Mills College
      Womanists Against Institutional Racism (WAIR), Organizing Director of the
      California Faculty Association, Berkeley High Leadership class, Oakland High
      Youth Power, Asian American Association (AAA), Black Seminarians of the
      Graduate Theological Union, UC-Berkeley Black Pre-Law Society, UC-Berkeley
      United Students Against Sweatshops, Japanese American Citizens League (JACL),
      and many other organizations and individuals.

      If you would like to be removed from or added to the Defend Affirmative
      Action mailing list, please write to DefendAffAction@... with "remove
      [your e-mail address]" or "add [your e-mail address]" in the subject field.
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