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  • Raymond R. Wise
    Hey Moaner! Deb here. Congrats!!! I, for one, give being married two thumbs up! As far as California goes, there s a restaurant in San Diego Old Town called
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 29, 2000
      Hey Moaner! Deb here. Congrats!!! I, for one, give being married two
      thumbs up!

      As far as California goes, there's a restaurant in San Diego Old Town called
      El Coyote. They serve 64 oz. margaritas! Can't beat that! (I was too hung
      over from the trip to Tijuana to actually be brave enough to try one. I had
      madzi akumwa- basi.) Speaking of Tijuana, I really liked it! Scott Coonz
      was the tour guide, and we found a cantina right across the border. I think
      margaritas were about 50 cents each. We, being the bold RPCV's that we are,
      got tired of the "touristy" area, and decided to go a couple of blocks
      deeper into the "real" Mexico. After walking around for about 10 minutes,
      we discovered we were in the middle of the red light district! Oops! We
      went back to tourist town. I can't recall how many times we said, "Choka,
      iwe!" Street kids (and adults) are a problem.

      As far as the California coast/ wine country goes, Rand said you should try
      to go to Rosenblum because they have good wine. If I recall correctly,
      Berringer had the most beautiful setup.

      Just north of SF, there is a little park called Muir Woods. It was our
      first introduction to the redwoods, and it was really really neat! We went
      just before closing time, so most of the tourists were gone. I definitely
      recommend hiking and camping in the redwood forest. We also give two thumbs
      up to Monterey(very very nice- a must to have seafood along the coast)and
      San Luis Obispo.

      OK- enough of that for now. Thought I'd take a few and update you on what's
      shakin' around Atlanta. As you know, we are the "Super City" this weekend.
      We're not big sports freaks, so the Superbowl will not affect us in any way
      (except that our Sunday Night Trivia Game has been cancelled).

      The weather here has been bizzare. Rand and I only worked two out of 5 days
      last week due to Ice Storm 2000. We lost power for one day, and phone
      service for 4. I didn't mind loosing the power, but I missed my phone.
      Another huge ice storm is on the way- should be hitting us hard within the
      hour. We'll probably only work three days next week. Schools here close at
      the first flake of snow.

      The baby business is going well. We'll be at 18 weeks tomorrow- almost half
      way! Next Friday we'll have our ultrasound and hope to see the sex of the
      iwe. I've gained five pounds in 18 weeks, which isn't very much considering
      that I usually gain five pounds just thinking about eating two Dunkin'
      Donughts. Rand thinks this whole baby thing is "cool." The bad part:
      Ladies, if you thought you had incredible gas in Malawi, just WAIT until you
      get "in a family way".

      Kristi, in Atlanta, a Master's degree will get you an extra $4000 (equal to
      8,000 extra buns) a year. I'm having a fairly good school year. I only
      have 13 students. The one who kept attacking me was removed from my room.
      Being preggo, I can wear whatever I want and nobody will hassle me about the
      dress code (daily outfit usually consists of stretchy pants and a t-shirt).

      Well, there it is. More than you care to know about what's going on around
      here. I anticipate loosing power and phone within the next two hours.
      Take care. Deb, Rand, and Counterclock

      At 02:12 PM 01/28/2000 -0600, you wrote:
      >From: Ramona Roth <r-roth@...>
      >Hi everyone!
      >This coming August I will be honeymooning in California... flying from
      >Chicago to San Diego, driving up the coast to San Fran, then doing the
      >Napa/Sonoma thing. Any suggestions for sights to see, lodging, and
      >definitely food and drink would be very much appreciated. We want to stay
      >away from the masses, so anything quiet and a little out of the way would
      >be great (ok, I'll take a few rowdy ideas).
      >Prizees to all winning suggestions!
      >Thanks big time,
      >Ramona Roth
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      >710 N. Lake Shore Drive, 5th Floor
      >Chicago, IL 60611
      >312-503-1508/ 312-503-7959 (fax)
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