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Dateline: Bamako Jan 2000

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  • Paul Dever
    Dateline: Bamako Jan 2000 Greetings from Dogon Country. Various and sundry things have happened lately, so let me fill you in: Gigi is off to find her fortune
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      Dateline: Bamako Jan 2000

      Greetings from Dogon Country.

      Various and sundry things have happened lately, so let me fill you in:

      Gigi is off to find her fortune in NYC, then the Philippines, and then back to NYC to find lodging for her me and Whistle, and a job to boot. He time in Mali came to an end and she is currently in the Philippines helping out with the family car rental agency there in Manila. You can write to her at:

      Gigi M. Dever
      c/o Cleof� Madlangbayan
      5447 Curie Street
      Palanaan, Makati
      Metro Manila
      Republic of Philippines

      She would love to hear from you. She will be there for month or two, then return to NYC and find a house/apartment. By the time I am done with PC (July 2000), I will have a place to take Whistle and all our belongings and get myself a job: anyone taking the Jersey turnpike make sure to have your toll money...)
      The Y2K bug did not hit here except for a report that the RR company lost its ability to track its trains, i.e. monitor them while on the train lines. This does not however explain why they continue to derail or crash at other times of the year.

      Gigi wrote me a bit ago (actually, we "chatted" that new-fangled way to cheat Ma Bell), and she said that she was freezing her mataka off, so she would stay in the apartment until the time came to get on the plane to Manila.

      She even sent me some Cap'n Crunch Peanut Butter flavor.

      We had a few holiday visitors in: John Romweber came by with a "companion" from Burkina, and he managed to get caught up in the coup in Abidjan...

      We had a great New Year's Eve fete at our house where I was able to conjure up a "supercalifragilisticexpialidosious" worthy of "Americans Tackiest Home Videos". So stay tuned for another Mali PC member on TV. Not as good as Likoma John, but possibly winning money also. Then we were off to the Marine house where we commenced lighting off M-200's (yeah 2.5 times as loud as M-80's, and not the least bit illegal here.).. We found out that they will even explode under water, to the great disamusement of the pool cleaner wince we had to test the limits of incendiary physics and see just how many we could tie together and still go off. We stopped after about 450 went in the pool with about 80% explosions.

      Later for my birthday, Gigi threw a party at a local restaurant and I got some coveted Marine glasses and mugs. They are neat guys here who merit all sorts of recognition regardless of your level of pacifism. Not too many people willing to die for their country and protect anyone within their patrol area. Gig and I like to help them out when we can so we get together a lot and have fun. But don't ever gamble on the pool table with them...what do you think they do in their spare time???

      I am getting used to the bachelor life (and trying to keep the house clean, I promise), and still manage to get to work by 7:30. I am working out at the Marine House gym and getting buff....just ask John. No sima for me, thanks.

      I will be on the unemployment line is six months so I am brushing off my resum� and fine tuning it. So at this time, I am hitting all the websites and seeing many jobs. But it got me thinking that if I can find these jobs so can 2,500,030 other people looking. So we shall see what Allah provides...

      Well, tiwanana, and keep in touch...

      Paul & Whistle
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