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Re: A little help with translation

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  • Deepa Ramesh
    I think the first one means (roughly) You can t run away from death. I have no idea what Chitukuko is though. Deepa ...
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 26, 2000
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      I think the first one means (roughly) "You can't run away from death." I
      have no idea what "Chitukuko" is though.


      >Message: 6
      > Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 20:38:14 -0800
      > From: "Vyrle Owens" <vyrle@...>
      >25 Jan 2000
      >Dear ujeni linguists,
      >I have two paintings which I purchased in Malawi (just now getting them
      >unpacked) both of which have a word or two the meanings of which I have
      >The first is a painting of a man half-way up a tree which is mostly cut-off
      >and falling. In the tree is a deadly snake and on the ground looking up
      >the tree is the hungry lion. The tree is the only tree in the scene and is
      >falling into a body of water where an open mouthed crocidile is eagerly
      >awaiting the tree, snake, and man.
      >The words on the painting are "IMFA SITHAWIKA"
      >The artist is Victor, the date '96.
      >The second is a street/market scene near Salima. Prominently displayed is
      >I do know what "STORE" means, but "CHITUKUKO???"
      >The artist of this one is Nyale, the date '97.
      >Thanks for your assistance.

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