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919Can you help a 3rd grader with Malawi info?

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  • Amy Mittelstadt
    Nov 30, 1999
      Hey everyone.

      Congrats to all of the expecting parents. I have loved all the names that
      everyone is sending in. I am sure you will pick the best one but my
      favorites from Malawi have to be Happy or Limited (Limiteddy), who were
      children of my host family.

      If you can help.

      I have a friend in MN who is doing a report for Christmas and needs some
      info. If you can remember any answers to the questions below please email
      me (mittelam@...) or the list. My friend would appreciate it as
      would I. If the info is not about Malawi that is OK just let me know what
      country you are talking about. She wrote these questions and I am
      forwarding them as she wrote them, besides fixing a few spelling errors.

      Zikomo Kwambiri!! Amy Mittelstadt

      Did they celebrate christmas?
      What do they call christmas?
      What dates is it on?
      Where does it take place?
      How did it get started?
      What traditions are preformed?
      Are there any symbols associated with the holiday, what do they stand for?
      What types of traditional foods are eaten, can you send me a recipe?
      Do you have any special songs that you sing?
      Has the holiday changed over the years?
      Any other special info?
      Please e-mail me with answers!!
      ���������������������������������� Lindsey Evermann