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816Re: Halloween!!!! Finally, all the info that you could want

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  • Raymond R. Wise
    Oct 31, 1999
      We'll be thinking about you! Have a great time!!!! Solly we can't make it.

      At 02:16 PM 10/15/99 -0700, you wrote:
      >From: Matthew McNulty <mcnurty@...>
      >The time is here for all you creatures of nameless
      >origin and other assorted undead to shed your drab,
      >day to day attire.
      >The one day of the year where you can be anything that
      >you choose to be, look anyway you choose to look, and
      >act anyway you want to act, nearly free of judgment
      >and discrimination, is fast approaching.
      >To celebrate such a lovely concept, and such a
      >beautiful day, I choose to have a gathering. This
      >gathering will take place on the 30th of October at
      >about 1600. Festivities will be enhanced by a ton O'
      >home brewed beer, live music, an afternoon
      >cookout/barbecue (bring someone/something to torch),
      >and an assembly of revelers the likes of which have
      >rarely been seen.
      >2211 Minor Ave East
      >If on North Bound I-5
      >Lake View Bulivard Exit (Exit 168A I believe)
      >Left at first Stop (Lynn Street)
      >West on Lynn heading toward the water (Lake Union)
      >Travel 4 blocks until Minor Ave.
      >Left on Minor
      >2211 Minor
      >If on South Bound I-5
      >Roanoke/Boylston Exit (Exit 168A I think)
      >Travel Straight until Lynn
      >West on Lynn toward water (again, yes, Lake Union)
      >4 blocks to Minor Ave.
      >Left on Minor
      >2211 Minor.
      >Parking may be a hassel.
      >If you have any questions please contact me either
      >online, or at (206) 925-9231. On the day of the party
      >I can also be reached by digital pager at (206)
      >There is plenty of room at my place to stay. I live
      >about 40 blocks from the party. Honestly though, I
      >plan on crashing at the party. Please bring a
      >sleeping bag and possibly a designated driver.
      >If you would like to bring something, a six pack of
      >frothy alcoholic fluids or a snack of some sort would
      >be greatly appreciated.
      >I am so excited.....
      >PS I will be the one that is totally blue!!!
      >PPS sorry for the mass mailing
      Rand & Deb Wise
      2784 Mt. Olive Drive
      Decatur, GA 30033

      (404) 327-5765

      How many of you believe in telekinesis? Raise my hand.
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