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776Halloween!!!! Finally, all the info that you could want

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  • Matthew McNulty
    Oct 15, 1999
      The time is here for all you creatures of nameless
      origin and other assorted undead to shed your drab,
      day to day attire.
      The one day of the year where you can be anything that
      you choose to be, look anyway you choose to look, and
      act anyway you want to act, nearly free of judgment
      and discrimination, is fast approaching.
      To celebrate such a lovely concept, and such a
      beautiful day, I choose to have a gathering. This
      gathering will take place on the 30th of October at
      about 1600. Festivities will be enhanced by a ton O'
      home brewed beer, live music, an afternoon
      cookout/barbecue (bring someone/something to torch),
      and an assembly of revelers the likes of which have
      rarely been seen.

      2211 Minor Ave East

      If on North Bound I-5
      Lake View Bulivard Exit (Exit 168A I believe)
      Left at first Stop (Lynn Street)
      West on Lynn heading toward the water (Lake Union)
      Travel 4 blocks until Minor Ave.
      Left on Minor
      2211 Minor

      If on South Bound I-5
      Roanoke/Boylston Exit (Exit 168A I think)
      Travel Straight until Lynn
      West on Lynn toward water (again, yes, Lake Union)
      4 blocks to Minor Ave.
      Left on Minor
      2211 Minor.

      Parking may be a hassel.

      If you have any questions please contact me either
      online, or at (206) 925-9231. On the day of the party
      I can also be reached by digital pager at (206)
      There is plenty of room at my place to stay. I live
      about 40 blocks from the party. Honestly though, I
      plan on crashing at the party. Please bring a
      sleeping bag and possibly a designated driver.
      If you would like to bring something, a six pack of
      frothy alcoholic fluids or a snack of some sort would
      be greatly appreciated.

      I am so excited.....
      PS I will be the one that is totally blue!!!

      PPS sorry for the mass mailing

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