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747Nix the Taliban Petition

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  • Kristen Cheney
    Oct 4, 1999
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      Should've learned my lesson by now regarding petitions, but I sent this
      one on anyway, and like the Disney/Microsoft scam or the Save Sesame
      Street, this one is also misguided. Turns out the Taliban petition will
      not reach the right folks because the person who started it at Brandeis
      had no authorization from the university and is forever banned from
      their e-mail system for starting this monster petition to which
      thousands have responded. Please delete it if you haven't already, BUT
      the cause is still worthy. You can seek other contacts and information
      as suggested in the original e-mail to voice your concerns. Go to
      urbanlegends.miningco.com for more information.
      And sorry for the inconvenience.
      Thanks, Christine, for the heads-up. Another person also caught it...