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629Malawi School System, Poisonwood Bible

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  • Raymond R. Wise
    Aug 3, 1999
      >Subject: Malawi School System, Poisonwood Bible
      >As a former primary school teacher trainer, I must somehow agree with that
      >one. But, there is little we can do until the overall system is changed. My
      >students continually asked, "Madame, is that going to be on the test?" Most
      >didn't seem to care how to improve education. They wanted to past the test
      >so they could get jobs to feed their own hungry children.
      >The grand change in primary teacher training(basically changing the 2 year
      >prgram to a one year program to a 3 month program) is ridiculous. Why did
      >they do that? The Brits gave the kwach for it! Limey...
      >By the way, I would like to suggest summer reading for you. I just finished
      >The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kinsolver (the chick that wrote Bean Trees
      >and Pigs in Heaven). The story is about a family of mission folks who go to
      >the Congo. It is quite "been there, done that." It's by far the best book
      >I've read in a long while. You won't be able to put it down. I swear.
      >Well, ta ta for now. See y'all in Vegas!!!! Deb
      > At 10:56 PM 8/2/99 -0400, you wrote:
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      >>>Subject: [ujeni] Malawi's School System
      >>>From: "Kristen E. Cheney" <kcheney@...>
      >>>Thanks to Christine for the article on the rapidly declining quality of
      >>>Malawian schools. In light of the promise of free primary school
      >>>education, the article reinforced my feelings that people in the
      >>>education sector of Peace Corps could've made a greater impact by doing
      >>>primary school teacher training, rather than just teaching in secondary
      >>>schools. Of course, a decent salary for teachers might also help...
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